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Submitting your abstract, one step at a time

The Online Abstract System divides the abstract submittal process into steps so that authors can enter information and confirm it is correct before moving to the next step. By following the buttons at the bottom of each page in the submittal process, you will automatically proceed through every step needed to submit an abstract. One page will follow another in the right frame of your screen until you are finished.

After clicking the submit button at each stage, you will see a growing set of information that you have entered. You should proof it each time it appears, clicking the "Next step" button at the bottom of the page if the information is correct. Once you have decided to which program you will submit your abstract, the steps involved in abstract submittal are:

  1. Enter title -- enter the title, presentation preferences, comments to organizers, etc.
  2. Name the author(s) and enter their affiliations
  3. Submit your abstract text
  4. Make payment for your submission
  5. Confirm the information you have entered
Information is saved each time you submit a page, so if you lose your internet connection or must interrupt the process for any reason, you can easily pick up later where you stopped. An email will be sent to the Lead Presenter's Email that is entered on the Enter Abstract Title step upon submission of the page. The email will contain the abstract ID and password (also located in the left hand Abstract Control Panel) and a link back to your submission. Save this email so that you may easily return to your submission.

Making Corrections

When working on your abstract, it is important that you do not use the Back button or Refresh/Reload on your browser! This will load a new submission, and you will need to return to and login with your abstract ID and password to pick up where you left off. This ID and password was sent to the Lead Presenter Email address you entered in Step 1, Enter Abstract Title.

The functions that are available to you at any phase in the submittal process are shown to the left of these instructions, as links on the Abstract Control Panel. These links let you easily return and make corrections at any step along the way. If, for example, you realize after entering the 7th author that you made a mistake in the abstract title, just click on the Title link and change the title. Do not use the Back button or Refresh/Reload on your browser to go back a step, always use the Abstract Control Panel links. If you made a mistake in an author's name, just click on the Author step in the Abstract Control Panel; the author information form will reappear in the right frame. Click Edit next to the author's name to correct.

Don't forget: when making corrections do not use the Back button on your browser!

Submit an Abstract

Step 1 -- Title

On the Title step, you will need to enter the following:

Step 2 -- Name Authors

If you are satisfied with the confirmation of the abstract title, click the "Next Step" button at the bottom of the page. Or click the "Add New Author" link that now appears under the NAME AUTHOR(S) heading of the Abstract Control Panel. Fill in the requested information on the Author Information Sheet. Then click the "Submit Information" button at the bottom of that sheet.

Repeat the process if there is more than a single author. Make sure that you identify at least one author who will present the paper at the meeting.

Step 3 -- Submit Abstract Text

After the last author has been entered, click the Submit Abstract Text button that appears at the bottom of the confirmation page, or click the "ABSTRACT TEXT" link that now appears in the Abstract Control Panel.

There are two ways to submit your text: To use the Type/Paste method, click the Type/Paste button, and either type your text into the box, or copy/paste the text from your word processing program. Click Save when you are finished.

To upload your abstract as HTML, click Browse. Browse to the HTM or HTML file on your computer, and then click Upload File.

If you notice errors, you may click on the words Click to Edit and correct them there, or, you can use the Delete or Replace buttons.

When you are ready to proceed, you may click the Payment button at the bottom of the page, or use the Payment link in the Abstract Control Panel to the left.

Step 4 -- Make Payment

The fee for abstract submission is $45. The rate for student members is $25. Click the Make Payment button to proceed.

The ACS Order Form will open. Enter your credit card and billing information exactly as it appears on your credit card billing statement, and click Submit to proceed when you are finished.

Once the transaction has processed, you will see the Payment Received message, along with a confirmation number. You may click Printable receipt to print a receipt of payment for your records.

To proceed, click the Return to Abstract Submission link.

Step 5 -- Confirmation

Review the information you see on the Confirmation page. If you need to make any corrections, click the appropriate link in the left hand Abstract Control Panel. Make the corrections, and click Save or Submit on that page. Click Conclude Submission when you have finished. You may still return to the submission and make edits at any point up to the submission editing deadline, even after clicking Conclude Submission.

You will receive confirmation of your submission at each step. Take note of the abstract ID number and password assigned to your submission. With that information you can return to this page if you lose your Internet connection, or if you must interrupt the submission process, or if you would like to modify your submission at any time prior to the deadline.

Retrieve and Modify an Existing Abstract

To retrieve and view or modify an existing abstract:

  1. Return to
  2. Have your Abstract ID number and password handy when you return. This ID and password was sent to the address entered in the Lead Presenter's Email in Step 1.
  3. Enter the Abstract ID number and password, then click Login. If you do not have your ID and password you can request an email reminder.
  4. Use the Abstract Control Panel to view or modify the desired part of the abstract. For instance, click Title to change a title. Then click the Submit button to saveyour changes.
  5. You do not need to proceed all the way through to Confirmation when making changes. You can simply change one step and submit that page.

    Transfer a Paper to Another Division

    If you have chosen a C Division, and you are not a member of the CSSA, you will need to transfer your abstract to a different Division. The abstract can be moved from one division to another by going back to the Title link in the Abstract Control Panel.
    1. If the Abstract Control Panel is visible and the desired abstract ID appears at the top of it, then skip to #2 below. Otherwise:
      • Return to
      • Login using the ID and Password you were assigned.
    2. Select Title from the Abstract Control Panel.
    3. Choose the appropriate Division, and click Submit.

    Withdraw a Paper

    1. If the Abstract Control Panel is visible and the desired abstract ID appears at the top of it, then skip to #2 below. Otherwise:
      • Return to
      • Login using the ID and Password you were assigned.
    2. Select WITHDRAW from the Abstract Control Panel.
    3. In the right hand frame, type in your reason for withdrawing your paper.
    4. Click the Submit in the right hand frame.
    5. You will see Paper withdrawn from meeting on the confirming page.

    Reverse a Withdrawal

    1. Retrieve your abstract as described above.
    2. Select Resubmit from the Abstract Control Panel.
    3. Click the Unwithdraw button in the right hand frame.
    4. The Paper Withdrawn message should no longer appear on the confirming page.

    Ask for help if you run into any problems.

    Report a technical problem by clicking on that link in the abstract control panel. If you need help urgently, call (401) 334-0220 between the hours of 8:30 am and 6 pm Eastern for assistance.