63315 Abu Dhabi Police Forensic Geosciences Project.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Hyatt Regency Long Beach, Regency DEF Foyer, Third Floor
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Saleh A. Alkathiri1, Khudooma S. Al Naimi1, Ahmed S. Al Kaabi2 and Haydar A. Baker3, (1)Forensic Evidence Department, Abu Dhabi Police General Directorate, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
(2)Abu Dhabi Police Gernal Directorate, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
(3)Department of Geology, United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Forensic Geosciences include searching, examining, analyzing, recording, and interpreting of geological and other related evidences. Since this science is progressively taking an important role within the forensic community; Abu Dhabi Police has taken an action to include the field techniques and approaches. The Forensic Geosciences techniques and approaches are planned to be grouped in one Section within the Forensic Evidence Department. The Section has been suggested to include three main branches: Geophysics, Geological Analysis, and Database. The Geophysics branch will be equipped with various instruments, such as ground penetration radar, electrical and magnetic systems to assist police in their land and sea search for important bodies. In addition, the Geophysics branch can be useful in rescue operations. It will help in locating clandestine graves, crime scene weapon, and other buried items. The Geological Analysis branch will be responsible for the soil morphology and analysis, pollens, as well as geochemistry. Also, Isotopic equipments will be added to the geochemistry lab. The Geological Analysis will help in examining, profiling and comparing evidences, and will participate in other cases such as provinancing of unknown persons. The third branch is the Database, which will be considered as a storage and management device for all information that will be produced from pollen analysis, isotopic results, and soil analysis and comparison. The project is in its preparation stage which aims to select best international practice regarding the forensic geosciences. Workshops were organized between Abu Dhabi Police and United Arab Emirates University, Geology Department, to raise the awareness about this science within the forensic investigation staff. An initial isotopic research is currently running with labs in the United Kingdom to help solve a case of Unknown person. Preliminary Soil survey results were received by the Abu Dhabi Police from the Environmental agency in Abu Dhabi. This agency has maps of different soil distribution in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. Among the principal aims of the Forensic Geosciences Section are the cooperation with international academic and forensic authorities and to conduct scientific and experimental research in order to strengthen its successful functioning.
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