217 Cycles - Lessons From Water/Energy/Chemical Cycling

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S01 Soil Physics

Cycles of water, energy, and chemicals are rarely, if ever, independent each cycle is linked to others and component cycles cannot be correctly interpreted without considering this joint influence. Such a connection is most often recognized in terms of how the hydrologic cycle controls other cycles, but other important connections can and do exist. This session will focus on connecting cycles of water, energy, and/or chemicals at all scales within the continuum from the water table, through the vadose zone, to the lower atmosphere.


Soils & Environmental Quality
Tuesday, November 2, 2010: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Lower Level

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J.L. Heitman and Craig Rasmussen
J.L. Heitman
Poster #907
Exploring Limits of near-Surface Water Flux Determination From Penta-Needle Heat Pulse-Based Measurements.
Scott Jones, Utah State University; Masaru Sakai, Mie University; Gerard Kluitenberg, Kansas State University
Poster #908
Root Water Uptake On the Edwards Aquifer Recharge ZoneKarst Terrain: Quantifying Evaluating Contributions of Shallow and Deep Roots.
Ieyasu Tokumoto, Texas A&M University; James Heilman, Texas A&M University; Kevin McInnes, Texas A&M University
Poster #909
Quantify Ground Water Recharge Using Water Balance Over No-Tillage Farming.
Hwan Han, Alabama A&M University; Teferi Tsegaye, Alabama A&M University
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