338 Bioenergy, Agroforestry, and Environment

Oral Session
S11 Soils & Environmental Quality

Despite increased attention and demand for the adoption of agroforestry practices throughout the world, rigorous long-term scientific studies confirming environmental benefits of incorporating agroforestry practices in cropping systems are limited. This session is organized to gather information on soil, water, and air quality improvements when agroforestry practices are incorporated in row-crop and grazed management systems and then identify research gaps for implementation of these practices in cropping systems.


A05 Environmental Quality, Soil Physics
Wednesday, November 3, 2010: 8:00 AM-11:35 AM
Long Beach Convention Center, Seaside Ballroom B, Seaside Level

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Ranjith Udawatta
Ranjith Udawatta
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:05 AM
Evaluating the Impacts of Bioenergy Crops On Soil and Water Resources.
Maria Lucia Silveira, University of Florida; Xiaolin Sui, University of Florida; Joao Vendramini, University of Florida; Lynn Sollenberger, University of Florida; George O'Connor, Department of Soil and Water Science
8:20 AM
Potential Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Two Switchgrass Cultivars Under Different N Fertilization Rates.
Virginia L. Jin, USDA-ARS; Gary Varvel, USDA-Agricultural Research Service; Brian Wienhold, USDA-Agricultural Research Service; Robert Mitchell, USDA-ARS; Kenneth Vogel, USDA-ARS
8:35 AM
Soil Carbon Dynamics During the Transition to Cellulosic Ethanol Feedstock Production.
Joshua Kendall, Ohio State University; Harold Collins, USDA-ARS; Jeffrey L. Smith, USDA-ARS; Amitava Chatterjee, Washington State University; Stephen Young, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Rebecca Cochran, USDA-ARS; Daniel Long, USDA-ARS; Francis Pierce, Washington State University
8:50 AM
Potential Losses of Macro and Micro Nutrients by Removal of Sugarcane Post-Harvest Crop Residue.
Paul White, USDA-ARS; Ryan Viator, USDA-ARS; Ed Richard, Jr., USDA-ARS; Gillian Eggleston, USDA-ARS Southern Regional Research Center - Commodity Utilization Research
9:20 AM
Soil Fertility and the Sustainability of Short Rotation Woody Crop Production for Bioenergy In Canada.
Barbara Kishchuk, Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada; Derek Sidders, Canadian Wood Fibre Centre
9:35 AM
Agroforestry and Ecosystem Services.
Ranjith Udawatta, Univ. of Missouri; Shibu Jose, Univ. of Missouri; Stephen Anderson, Univ. of Missouri
9:50 AM
10:05 AM
Agroforestry and Grass Buffer Effects On Soil Quality Parameters for Grazed Pasture and Row Crop Systems.
Bodh Paudel, University of Missouri; Ranjith Udawatta, Univ. of Missouri; Stephen Anderson, Univ. of Missouri; Robert J. Kremer, USDA-ARS
10:20 AM
Agroforestry and Grass Buffer for NPSP Reduction From Row Crop Watersheds.
Ranjith Udawatta, Univ. of Missouri; Harold Garrett, University of Missouri
10:35 AM
Apex Model Simulation of Runoff and Sediment Losses From Agroforestry Buffers for Watersheds Under Pasture Management.
Sandeep Kumar, Ohio State University; Stephen Anderson, Univ. of Missouri; Ranjith Udawatta, Univ. of Missouri; Ashish Mudgal, Univ. of Missouri
10:50 AM
Agroforestry Systems – Contribution of Alley Cropping to Ecosystem Services.
Dirk Freese, Brandenburg University of Technology; Christian Böhm, Brandenburg University of Technology; Ansgar Quinkenstein, Brandenburg University of Technology; Jens Wöllecke, Brandenburg University of Technology; Reinhard F. Hüttl, Brandenburg University of Technology
11:05 AM
The Potential for Agroforestry to Ensure Multiple Ecosystem Services in Millennium Village Landscapes.
Sean Smukler, The Earth Institute at Columbia University; Cheryl Palm, The Earth Institute at Columbia University; Clare Sullivan, The Earth Institute at Columbia University
11:20 AM
Apex Model Simulation for Row Crop Watersheds with Agroforestry and Grass Buffers.
Anoma Senaviratne, University of Missouri; Ranjith Udawatta, Univ. of Missouri; Stephen Anderson, Univ. of Missouri; Claire Baffaut, USDA-ARS, University of Missouri
11:35 AM