278 Bioenergy Conversion, Energetics, and Efficiency

Poster Session
A10 Bioenergy and Agroindustrial Systems

Posters related to conversion of biomass to energy.


Forest, Range & Wildland Soils, Soils & Environmental Quality
Wednesday, November 3, 2010: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Lower Level

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Michael Casler
Michael Casler
Poster #730
How Can We Reduce Lignin Contents in Bioenergy Crop Production?.
Guodong Liu, University of Florida; Yuncong Li, Tropical Research and Education Center, University of Florida; Qingren Wang, Univ. of Florida; Ashok Alva, USDA-ARS
Poster #731
Anaerobic Digestion of Broiler Litter to Produce Biogas Under Laboratory Conditions.
Carolina Hernandez Chanto, Tuskegee University; Kokoasse Kpomblekou-A., Tuskegee University; Ellene Kebede, Tuskegee University; Conrad K. Bonsi, Tuskegee University; Wendell Mcelhenney, Tuskegee University; P. K. Biswas, Tuskegee University
Poster #800
Ethanol Conversion Efficiency of Biomass From Woody Invasive Shrubs Compared with Switchgrass.
David Dornbos Jr., Calvin College; Jennifer Heidmann, Calvin College
Poster #801
Harvest Method Effect On Sugar Composition of Sweet Sorghum.
Zane Helsel, Department of Biology and Pathology, Rutgers University (and Dept. of Agronomy, Univ. of Florida)
Poster #802
Estimating Ethanol Yields for Switchgrass Strains Using NIRS Analyses.
Kenneth Vogel, USDA-ARS; Bruce Dien, USDA-ARS, National Center for Agric. Utilization Research.; Hans-Joachim Jung, USDA-ARS; Michael Casler, USDA-ARS; Steve Masterson, USDA-ARS; Robert Mitchell, USDA-ARS
Poster #803
Energy Content of Tropical Grasses and Legumes Grown for Bioenergy.
Cesar H. Miranda, Embrapa Beef Cattle; Scott Sattler, USDA-ARS; Jeffrey Pedersen, USDA-ARS; Kenneth Vogel, USDA-ARS
Poster #804
Development of a Low-Input Switchgrass-Microbe System to Improve Energy Ratio and Production of Biofuels.
Keomany Ker, McGill University - MacDonald Campus; James Fyles, McGill University - MacDonald Campus; Brian T. Driscoll, McGill University - MacDonald Campus; Philippe Seguin, McGill University - MacDonald Campus; Donald Smith, McGill University - MacDonald Campus
Poster #806
Predicting Native Warm-Season Grass Characteristics Using near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy.
Laura Schwer, University of Kentucky; S. Ray Smith, University of Kentucky; Thomas Probst, University of Kentucky
Poster #808
Agronomic Management of Switchgrass for Optimizing Quality and Digestibility for the Bioconversion Platform.
Kurt Thelen, Michigan State University; Katherine Withers, University of Guelph