306 Symposium--Reactive Transport Modeling In Soils: II

Oral Session
S02 Soil Chemistry

Until recently, research and modeling efforts have generally focused on improving our understanding of physical transport processes associated with solute movement at the field scale while much less attention has been placed on the interrelated biological and geochemical reactions that impact solute partitioning. The Reactive Transport Modeling in Soils symposium, will address the state-of-the-art and future research needs with respect to the development and parameterization of reactive transport models for describing the fate and transport of nutrients and contaminants in chemically and physically heterogeneous soil systems.


Soil Physics, Soils & Environmental Quality
Wednesday, November 3, 2010: 1:00 PM-4:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Room 202B, Second Floor

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John Seaman , Sabine Goldberg and Jiri Simunek
John Seaman and Sabine Goldberg
1:00 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:25 PM
Evaluation of Prediction Uncertainty of Uranium Transport in Small Scale Tracer Tests.
Gary Curtis, USGS; Ming Ye, Florida State University; Matthias Kohler, University of Maine; James A. Davis, US Geological Survey
1:40 PM
Transient-Stage (<200 PV) Modeling of Sr, Cs and I Desorption From Hyper-Alkaline Weathered Hanford Sediments.
Aaron Thompson, University of Georgia; Carl Steefel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Nicolas Perdrial, University of Arizona; Jon Chorover, University of Arizona
2:10 PM
Modeling Chemical Weathering and Other Soil Processes.
Carl Steefel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2:30 PM
3:00 PM
Predicting B Transport in Soils Using the UNSATCHEM Model.
Donald Suarez, USDA Salinity Laboratory; James Wood, USDA Salinity Laboratory; Patrick Taber, USDA Salinity Laboratory
3:15 PM
On Modeling pH Buffers and Rebound at An Acid-Contaminated Site.
Nicolas Spycher, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Sumit Mukhopadhyay, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Douglas Sassen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Jiamin Wan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; John Seaman, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory; Miles Denham, Savannah River National Laboratory
3:30 PM
Simulation of Water and Nutrient Transport in Three Turf Species.
Hongyan Sun, Utah State University; Kelly Kopp, Utah State University; Scott B. Jones, Utah State University
4:00 PM
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