136 General Wetland Soils: I

Poster Session
S10 Wetland Soils

The theme of this session is to include topics related to the characteristics and environments of wetland soils.

Monday, November 1, 2010: 2:30 PM-4:30 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Lower Level

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Chien-Lu Ping
Poster #1167
Denitrification Rates in the Sediments of a Shallow Estuarine Lake That Receives Diverted Mississippi River Water.
Eric Roy, Louisiana State University; John White, Louisiana State University
Poster #1168
Effects of Water Level Fluctuation and Nutrient Levels On Wetland Plant Biological Integrity.
Yuan Wei, Bemidji State University; Fu-Hsian Chang, Bemidji State University
Poster #1169
Nutrient Release and Microbial Activity After Flooding of Everglades Soils.
Tan Xu, University of Florida; Alan Wright, University of Florida
Poster #1170
Fate of Diverted Mississippi River Nitrate in a Vegetated Brackish Coastal Marsh.
Christine VanZomeren, Louisiana State University; John White, Louisiana State University; Ronald DeLaune, Louisiana State University
Poster #1171
Subaqueous Soil Temperture.
Alexander Salisbury, University of Rhode Island; Mark Stolt, University of Rhode Island
Poster #1172
Assessing Reducing Conditions in Soils along a Topohydrosequence.
Michelle Hetu, University of Maryland; Martin Rabenhorst, Univ. of Maryland
Poster #1173
Greenhouse Gas Production From Woody Swamp and Saline Marsh Soils Under Different Electron Accepters.
Syam K. Dodla, Louisiana State University; Jim Wang, Louisiana State University; Changyoon Jeong, LSU Agricultural Center - Baton Rouge
Poster #1174
Determination of Equilibrium Phosphorus Concentration of Everglades Agricultural Area Canal Sediments Using Adsorption Isotherms and Incubation of Intact Sediment Cores.
Jaya Das, University of Florida; Samira Daroub, University of Florida; Timothy Lang, University of Florida; Manohardeep S. Josan, University of Florida
Poster #1175
Factors Affecting Organic Matter Analysis by Weight Loss On Ignition in Louisiana Coastal Wetland Soils.
Manoch Kongchum, Louisiana State University; Michael Materne, Louisiana State University
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