77 Turfgrass Pest Management

Poster Session
C05 Turfgrass Science

Management of pest problems on turfgrass, including environmental fate of pesticides.

Monday, November 1, 2010: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Lower Level

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Anthony Koski
Poster #232
Fertilization Effects On Resistance of Captiva St. Augustinegrass to Southern Chinch Bugs and Gray Leaf Spot.
Alan Wright, University of Florida; ronald cherry, University of Florida; richard raid, University of Florida; yigang luo, University of Florida
Poster #233
Zoysiagrass Genotypes Differ in Susceptibility to Bluegrass Billbug.
Jack Fry, Kansas State University; Ray Cloyd, Kansas State University; Ambika Chandra, Texas A&M University; Anthony Genovesi, Texas A&M University; Milt Engelke, Texas A&M University
Poster #234
Tolerance of Kentucky Bluegrass Cultivars to Sulfosulfuron.
Prasanta Bhowmik, Univ. of Massachusetts; Jeffrey Ebdon, Univ. of Massachusetts
Poster #235
Reduced Rates of Dithiopyr Plus Isoxaben for Broadleaf Weed and Crabgrass Control in Bareground and Established Turf.
Michael Melichar, Dow AgroSciences; Anita Alexander, Dow AgroSciences; Daniel Loughner, Dow AgroSciences
Poster #236
Effect of Cumyluron or Bensulide On Root Growth of Creeping Bentgrass (Agrostis palustris Huds.) Grown in Aquaculture.
Ronald Calhoun, Michigan State University; Aaron Hathaway, Michigan State University; Jeffrey Bryan, Michigan State University
Poster #237
Effect of Irrigation Frequency and Fertilization Application Method On Silvery Thread Moss Encroachment in Creeping Bentgrass.
Eric Lyons, University of Guelph; Kelly O'Connor, South West Ag Partners, Inc.; Darra Hudner, University of Guelph; Katerina Jordan, University of Guelph
Poster #238
Differential Metabolism of Trifloxysulfuron In Sensitive Tall Fescue and Tolerant Bermudagrass Turf.
James Baird, University of California, Riverside; Vanessa Ferrel, University of California, Riverside; Fayek Negm, University of California, Riverside; Svetlana Bondarenko, University of California, Riverside; Dean Mosdell, Syngenta Seeds, Inc.
Poster #240
Pre- and Postemergence Annual Bluegrass Control with Indaziflam.
Tyler Cooper, Texas Tech University; Andrew Hephner, Texas Tech University; Travis Williams, Texas Tech University; Leslie Beck, Texas Tech University; Gerald Henry, Texas Tech University
Poster #242
Mesotrione Reduces Presence of Annual Bluegrass During Fairway Conversion.
Andrew Hoiberg, Iowa State University; David Minner, Iowa State University
Poster #243
Ingress of Poa Annua Into Perennial Ryegrass Stands.
Jeffrey Ebdon, Univ. of Massachusetts; Prasanta Bhowmik, Univ. of Massachusetts
Poster #244
Mesotrione Provides Postemergence Control of Poa Annua L.
Bruce Branham, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Bill Sharp, University of Illinois; Joshua Skelton, University of Illinois
Poster #245
Rate Response and Comparison of Phosphonate Materials On Algae Development in Putting Green Turf.
John Inguagiato, University of Connecticut; John Kaminski, Pennsylvania State University
Poster #246
Multi-State Evaluation of Dollar Spot Susceptibility in Creeping Bentgrass.
Qi Zhang, North Dakota State University; Christopher Blume, Iowa State University; Jeffery Bryan, Michigan State University; Nick Christians, Iowa State University; Kenneth Diesburg, Southern Illinois University; Kevin Frank, Michigan State University; Jack Fry, Kansas State University; David Gardner, The Ohio State University; Megan Kennelly, Kansas State University; Dennis Martin, Oklahoma State University; Keith Rincker, Chicago District Golf Association; Derek Settle, Chicago District Golf Assoc.; Douglas Soldat, University of Wisconsin-Madison; John Stier, University of Wisconsin; Cole Thompson, Kansas State University
Poster #247
Evaluating the Impact of Cultural Practices on Large Patch Severity on Zoysia Matrella (L.) Merr. ‘Cavalier'.
Jonathan La Mantia, Texas Agrilife Research-Dallas; Susan Metz, Texas Agrilife Research-Dallas; Ambika Chandra, Texas Agrilife Research-Dallas
Poster #248
Poster #249
Reducing Chlorothalonil Fungicide Inputs with Alternative Products to Suppress Dollar Spot.
Keith Rincker, Chicago District Golf Association; Derek Settle, Chicago District Golf Association
Poster #250
Controlling Labyrinthula Terrestris by Using Soil Conditioners to Manage Soil Salinity.
Monica Sokol, Clemson University; Dara Park, Clemson University; Bruce Martin, Clemson University
Poster #251
Fungicides for the Curative Control of Waitea Patch On a Chicago Poa Annua Golf Green.
Derek Settle, Chicago District Golf Association; Keith Rincker, Chicago District Golf Association