281 Conservation-Tillage Strategies in Organic Management Systems

Oral Session
A12 Organic Management Systems (Provisional)

topical session

Wednesday, November 3, 2010: 12:55 PM-2:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Room 203B, Second Floor

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12:55 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:00 PM
Dryland Organic Weed Management Strategies in Eastern Washington.
E. Fuerst, Washington State University; Ian Burke, Washington State University; David Huggins, USDA-ARS; Robert Gallagher, Penn State University; Kristy Borrelli, Washington State University; Dennis Pittmann, Washington State University; Richard Koenig, Washington State Univeristy
1:15 PM
Developing a Tillage Reduction Research Proposal for Western Washington Organic Vegetable Farms.
Andrew Corbin, Washington State University; Douglas Collins, Washington State University; Chris Benedict, Washington State University; Colleen Burrows, Washington State University
1:30 PM
Using the Roller/Crimper to Terminate Annual Green Manures in Organic Production Systems.
Clare Sullivan, University of Saskatchewan; J. Diane Knight, University of Saskatchewan; Steven Shirtliffe, University of Saskatchewan
1:45 PM
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Unexpected of Integrating Cultural and Mechanical Tactics for Organic Soybean Weed Management.
George Place, NC State Univ. Crop Science Dept; Samuel Christopher Reberg-Horton, North Carolina State University; Thomas E. Carter Jr., NC State Univ. Crop Science Dept; David Pompilio C. Martinez, La Universidad Nacional de Agricultura
2:00 PM