164 General Extension Education: II

Poster Session
A04 Extension Education


Tuesday, November 2, 2010: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Long Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC, Lower Level

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Poster #600
Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest: A New Guidebook.
Glenn Shewmaker, University of Idaho; Mylen Bohle, Oregon State University
Poster #601
Remaking the Long-Standing Publication “How a Corn Plant Develops” to “Corn Growth and Development”.
Lori Abendroth, Iowa State University; Stephanie Marlay, Iowa State University; Matthew Boyer, Iowa State University; Sarah Baune, Iowa State University; Roger Elmore, Iowa State University
Poster #602
Poster #603
Green Approach Preferences Across a College Campus.
Ian A. Freshwater, Columbus State Community College; Mort Javadi, Columbus State Community College; Heidi M. Buckeye, Columbus State Community College; John C. Difrancesco, Columbus State Community College; Andrew S. Fellure, Columbus State Community College; Pierce M. Freshwater, Columbus State Community College; Shane Z. Guzman, Columbus State Community College; Wesley C. Johnson, Columbus State Community College; Heather N. Nauman, Columbus State Community College; Mort Javadi, Columbus State Community College
Poster #604
Poster #605
A No-till Plot Drill for Small Grain Variety and Agronomic Testing in the Pacific Northwest.
Michael Flowers, Oregon State University; C. James Peterson, Oregon State University; Steven Petrie, Oregon State University; P. Thorgerson, Oregon State University; J. Chatelain, Oregon State University; K. Rhinhart, Oregon State University
Poster #606
Five Decades of Drill Box Surveys for Small Grains in Utah.
Earl Creech, Utah State University; Ralph Whitesides, Utah State University; Stanford Young, Utah State University
Poster #607
Corn Yields Following Different Crimson Clover Establishment Methods in North Carolina.
George Place, NC State Univ. Crop Science Dept; Carl Crozier, NC State Univ. Soil Science Dept; Samuel Christopher Reberg-Horton, NC State Univ. Crop Science Dept; Carrie Brinton, NC State Univ. Crop Science Dept; Alan Meijer, NC State University - Soil Science Department