Automated X-Ray Image Analysis Methods for Investigating Root Architecture of Corn Rootworm Resistant and Susceptible Maize Varieties.

Kenton E. Dashiell1, Deirdre A. Prischmann-Voldseth2, Daniel W. McDonald3, Ronald B. Michaels3, Robert J. Kodrzycki4, Nancy L. West3, Jeremy R. Allbright3 and David J. Schneider5, (1)Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility (TSBF) Institute of the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Nairobi, Kenya, (2)Entomology, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, (3)Phenotype Screening Corporation, Knoxville, TN, (4)Encompass Biotech LLC, Summerville, SC, (5)North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory, Brookings, SD