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In preparing to submit an abstract to ASA-CSSA-SSSA, you should first gather the following information:

A. Pick the division you want to submit to. If you want to submit to a Graduate Student Competition, make sure you pick a division that has a competition.

B. VOLUNTEERED speakers only: You must be a member of CSSA to submit to a C Division.

D. Select your preferred mode of presentation: Oral, Poster, or Either (no preference). Please Note: The program organizers will do their best to fit you into your preferred mode. However, they will override your original mode selection if they feel your paper would fit well in a particular session with other compatible abstracts. The decision of the program organizers is final.

E. Pick a title for your paper

F. Have available the name and contact information for all of the authors. (Include their email addresses, please.). No more than 10 authors may be listed on a paper. Group names will not be accepted as an author.

G. Write the body of your abstract. Abstracts should be around 300 words in length.

If you have problems, first consult the Instructions link in the Abstract Control Panel, or review the Troubleshooting link

You are ready to submit when you have available all of the information listed above, preferably in an open window on your computer. Then just point your web browser at the online submission system.  If you are quick with a mouse and a keyboard, you should be able to copy-and-paste your way to a complete submission in just a few minutes.

Close this browser window to continue the submission process.