56 Organic Production Systems Using Pasture (Includes COSA Graduate Student Poster Competition)

Poster Session
ASA Section: Agronomic Production Systems This topical session will review the science of organic production systems that use pasture. In organic farming, dairy, beef, swine, and poultry commonly use pasture to provide a portion of the livestock feed. In the case of organic dairy, the USDA-NOP standards now require that dairy cows obtain at least 30% of their dry matter intake from pasture. Organic dairy products makes up a major portion of the organic foods market and demand continues to increase. Furthermore, consumer awareness of food quality benefits and environmental consequences of raising animals outside on green pasture is creating new demand for organic pasture-fed meat, milk, and eggs. Thus it is time for agronomist to review the latest research on pasture management and how inclusion of pasture in an organic farm plan impacts crop rotation, soil fertility and quality, food quality, and overall farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability.


Organic Management Systems Community
Monday, October 22, 2012: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Exhibit Hall AB, Level 1

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Community Leader:
Cynthia Cambardella
Joseph R. Heckman
Poster #129
Developing On-Line Training and National Support Networks On Certified Organic Dairy Production Systems Through Eorganic.
Heather Darby, University of Vermont; Debra Heleba, University of Vermont; Sarah Flack, University of Vermont; Cynthia Daley, Chico State University
Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #130
    Growing the e-Organic Grains CoP.
    Betty H. Marose, USDA-ARS; Michel Cavigelli, USDA-ARS; Kathleen Delate, Iowa State University; Ellen Mallory, University of Maine; Charles Shapiro, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Lauren Kolb, University of Maryland; Samuel Christopher Reberg-Horton, North Carolina State University; Jude Maul, USDA-ARS; Steven Mirsky, USDA-ARS
    Poster #131
    Eorganic, the Organic Agriculture Community of Practice for Extension.
    Alexandra G. Stone, Oregon State University; Michelle Wander, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Heather Darby, University of Vermont; Michel Cavigelli, USDA-ARS
    Poster #132
    Highlights From Eorganic's Soils and Climate Change Communities.
    Michelle Wander, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Louise E. Jackson, University of California Davis; Sieglinde Snapp, Michigan State University; Julie Grossman, North Carolina State University
    Poster #133
    Decomposition and Nutrient Release of Lablab (Lablab purpureus cv. Rongai) and Mucuna Pruriens Leaves During the Dry and Wet Seasons in Puerto Rico.
    Litza Lopez, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez; Elide Valencia, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez; Stefanie Whitmire, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
    Poster #134
    Poster #135
    Grazing Effects On Phosphorus Form and Availability in Organically Managed Grassland.
    Saraswati Poudel-Acharya, West Virginia University; Louis McDonald, West Virginia University; William Bryan, West Virginia University; Thomas Griggs, West Virginia University
    Poster #200
    Evaluating Alfalfa Mulch As a Nitrogen Source for Corn Production.
    Laura Fernandez, University of Minnesota; Deborah Allan, University of Minnesota; Craig C. Sheaffer, University of Minnesota
    Poster #201
    Assessment of Disease Suppression in Organic Transitional Cropping Systems.
    Shinyi Marzano, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Maria Villamil, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Darin Eastburn, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
    Poster #202
    Development of An Organically Certified Growth-Medium for Cyanobacteria.
    Rosalyn Barminski, Colorado State University; Jessica Davis, Colorado State University; Heather Storteboom, Colorado State University; Yun-Ya Yang, Colorado State University; Sarah Dominick, Colorado State University; Keegan Athey, Colorado State University; Hong Wang, Colorado State University; Mary Stromberger, Colorado State University
    Poster #203
    Cultivars and IPM Systems for Organic Cotton Production: Distribution of Thrips Resistance in Multiple Generations of Cotton.
    Dylan Q. Wann, Texas Tech University; Jane K. Dever, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Megha N. Parajulee, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Mark D. Arnold, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Heather D. Flippin, Texas A&M AgriLife Research
    Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #204
    Evaluation of Pigeonpea for Growth, Vegetable Yield and Forage Quality in North Alabama.
    Rapheal Baggett, Alabama A&M University; Rao Mentreddy, Alabama A&M University; Ernst Cebert, Alabama A&M University; Udai Bishnoi, Alabama A&M University
    Poster #205
    Nutrient and Weed Management in Organic Sweet Corn Systems in the Central Sands of Wisconsin.
    Jaimie West, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Matthew D. Ruark, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Alvin Bussan, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Erin Silva, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Jed Colquhoun, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #206
    Effects of Density, Species Ratio and Nitrogen Supply On Biomass Accumulation of Spring Oats and Field Peas in Sole and Intercropping.
    Tara N. Wood, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Rodrigo Werle, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Chris Borman, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Chengchou Han, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Katja Koehler-Cole, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Kevin Korus, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Dori Osantowski, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Evan Sonderegger, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Jeremy Wagnitz, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; John Lindquist, University of Nebraska - Lincoln