292 Bioenergy Crops and Their Impacts On Crop Production, Soil and Environmental Quality: I

Oral Session
S06 Soil & Water Management & Conservation This session will focus on the implications of crop residue removal as biofuel and growing dedicated bioenergy crops on soil and water quality, water use, nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions, biomass production, and the projected global climate change. It will comprise presentations of measured and modeled data on residual removal and alternative energy crops including perennial warm season grasses, short-rotation woody crops, high-biomass producing cropping systems (e.g., intensive rotations, cover crops, and forage sorghum), and others. It will also discuss the potential of growing energy crops in marginal or degraded lands including former Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands.
Tuesday, October 23, 2012: 8:00 AM-11:40 AM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Room 203, Level 2

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Humberto Blanco
Humberto Blanco
8:05 AM
Bioenergy Crop Production with Marginal Irrigation Water.
Girisha Ganjegunte, Texas Agrilife Research Center; John Clark, Texas A&M University; Yanqi Wu, Oklahoma State University
8:20 AM
Nitrogen Requirements of Sweet Pearl Millet and Sweet Sorghum As Energy Crops in Eastern Canada.
Marie-Noelle Thivierge, Universite Laval; Anne Vanasse, Universite Laval; Martin Chantigny, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Philippe Seguin, McGill University - MacDonald Campus
8:35 AM
Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Biomass Crops and Their Processability for Ethanol Conversion.
Lucía Acosta Gamboa, Arkansas State University; V. Steven Green, Arkansas State University; Xumeng Ge, Arkansas State University; Jianfeng Xu, Arkansas State University
8:50 AM
Soil Carbon, Nitrogen, and Water Chemistry Three Years After Conversion of Marginal Agricultural Soils to Switchgrass and Cottonwood Bioenergy Cropping Systems.
Hal Liechty, School of Forest Resources, University of Arkansas at Monticello; Michael Blazier, Louisiana State University AgCenter
9:05 AM
Feedstock Yield and Quality of Three Bioenergy Production Systems in Oklahoma.
Anserd J. Foster Jr., Oklahoma State University; Vijaya Gopal Kakani, Oklahoma State University; Jiangun Ge, Oklahoma State University; Jagadeesh Mosali, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
9:20 AM
Soil Erosion and Macronutrient Fluxes Under Simulated Rainfall: The Effects of Tillage and Crop Residue Removal.
Joshua Beniston, Carbon Management and Sequestration Center; Jennifer Dungait, Rothamsted Research - North Wyke; Martin Shipitalo, USDA-ARS; Rattan Lal, Carbon Management and Sequestration Center; Franklin Jones, School of Environment and Natural Resources - The Ohio State University; Elizabeth Dayton, School of Environment and Natural Resources - The Ohio State University
9:35 AM
Corn Stover Removal Impacts On Soil Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Irrigated Continuous Corn Systems.
Virginia L. Jin, USDA-ARS; Brian J. Wienhold, USDA-ARS; Gary E. Varvel, USDA-ARS; Marty Schmer, USDA-ARS; Richard Ferguson, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Carla Ahlschwede, USDA-ARS
9:50 AM
Untapped Potential: Sustainable Bioenergy Production From Marginal Lands in the Northeast US.
Cathelijne R. Stoof, Cornell University; Brian Richards, Cornell University; Peter Woodbury, Cornell University; Hilary Mayton, Cornell University; Jerome H. Cherney, Cornell University
10:05 AM
10:20 AM
Measuring Soil Sustainability: Index for Bioenergy Cropping Systems.
Habib E. Diop, Kansas State University; Charles Rice, Kansas State University; Scott A. Staggenborg, Kansas State University
10:35 AM
Environmental Fate of Nutrients From Ethanol Production Byproducts for Use in Sugarcane Nutrition.
Kamal Mahmoud, University of Florida; Kelly Morgan, University of Florida; James McCray, University of Florida, Everglades Research & Education Center
10:50 AM
Changes in Labile Fractions of Soil Organic Matter After Six Years of Corn Production for Cellulosic Ethanol.
Daniel C. Olk, USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment; Sergio Uribe Gomez, Campo Experimental Cotaxtla; Douglas Karlen, USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture & the Environment
11:05 AM
Switchgrass and Miscanthus Growth On Reclaimed Surface Mines In West Virginia.
Jeffrey Skousen, West Virginia University; Brady Gutta, West Virginia University; Mike Marra, West Virginia University
11:20 AM
Establishment and Early Growth of Miscanthus Sinensis Under Soil Limiting Conditions.
Eugenia Pena-Yewtukhiw, West Virginia University; Erica Fitzsimmons, West Virginia University
11:40 AM