Global Agronomy and Appropriate Technology Tour (ECHO)

Educational Concerns For Hunger Organization (ECHO) Global Farm Tour is a fascinating walking tour of the most creative working farm you have ever experienced. You will find demonstrations, plants, and techniques useful to farmers and urban gardeners in developing countries and learn all about ECHO's mission of helping the poor help themselves. Experience seven settings of the Global Farm and taste tropical leaves while you explore rain-forest habitats, stop at a simulated rural school and witness urban gardening techniques that allow gardens on rooftops. You will also see some of the Appropriate technologies like biogas (turning cow manure into gas for cooking or lighting) and water pumps along with our farm animals. ECHO also has one of the largest collections of tropical food plants in Florida. ECHO offers student internships so this is a great opportunity to explore this option as well. More information available about ECHO is available from Transportation will depart Tampa promptly at 8 am and return by 5 pm. Please bring sunscreen and a rain poncho.

Global Agronomy
Field Diagnosis for Smallholder Agriculture Community, Gaining Access to Agronomic Inputs Community

Sunday, November 3, 2013: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tampa Convention Center, Front Drive

Darin W Lickfeldt