303 Symposium--Making Urban Soils Safe and Suitable For Agriculture: II

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Urban and Anthropogenic Soils
There is a resurgence in agriculture in urban areas ranging from curbside gardens to urban farms. Urban agriculture is seen as a way to strengthen communities and provide food security. Are the soils in the city suitable for growing food? This session will cover research on contamination in urban soils, means to restore these soils and tools to make them suitable for growing food.

Soils & Environmental Quality

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 1:25 PM-4:00 PM
Marriott Tampa Waterside, Grand Ballroom H

Sally Brown and Ganga M. Hettiarachchi
Ganga M. Hettiarachchi
1:25 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:30 PM
Soil Quality Evaluation Of Urban Market Gardens.
Joshua W Beniston, The Ohio State University; Rattan Lal, The Ohio State University; Kristin L. Mercer, The Ohio State University
1:50 PM
VALUE Enhancement Of Municipal Organics Compost Through The Addition Of Effective Microorganisms.
Basanti Bandekar, Dalhousie University; Gordon W. Price, Dalhousie University
2:10 PM
Developing Testing Protocols to Investigate Potential Adulteration of Fertilizer Materials Used in Organic Agriculture.
Fungai N.D. Mukome, University of California Davis; Timothy A. Doane, University of California Davis; Lucas C.R. Silva, University of California-Davis; Sanjai J. Parikh, University of California-Davis; William R. Horwath, University of California-Davis
2:30 PM
2:40 PM
Uptake of Lead and Arsenic By Vegetables Grown in a Contaminated Urban Soil Amended With Biosolids and An Iron (III) Oxyhydroxide.
Phillip Peterson Defoe, Kansas State University; Ganga M. Hettiarachchi, Kansas State University
3:00 PM
Transfer of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons From Urban Soils to Humans Via Dermal Absorption.
Chammi P. Attanayake, Kansas State University; Ganga M. Hettiarachchi, Kansas State University; Deon van der Merwe, Kansas State University; Gary M. Pierzynski, Kansas State University
3:20 PM
How Do We Communicate About Urban Soil Risks?.
John F Obrycki, Boston Children's Hospital
3:40 PM
3:50 PM
4:00 PM
Division Business Meeting