201 General Biophysical Measurements and Sensors: I

Poster Session
ASA Section: Climatology & Modeling
This is a general, poster session for papers related to biophysical measurements and sensors.

Biophysical Measurements and Sensors Community

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Tampa Convention Center, East Exhibit Hall

Community Leader:
John H. Baker
Poster #811
Sensitivity of Load Removal From Trellis Wire for Static and Dynamic Prediction of Grapevine Yield.
Bernardo Chaves, Washington State University; Julie M. Tarara, USDA-ARS
Poster #1113
Improved Soil Heat Flux Assessment Using a Penta-Needle Heat Pulse Probe.
Scott B. Jones, Utah State University; Kashifa Rumana, Utah State University; Markus Tuller, University of Arizona
Poster #1114
A Field Spectrometer Designed to Interface With Dataloggers and Continuously Monitor Plant Canopy Reflectance.
Mark Mark Blonquist Jr., Apogee Instruments, Inc.; Ty Weaver, Apogee Instruments, Inc.; Skiffington Smith, Apogee Instruments, Inc.; Ryan Lindsley, Apogee Instruments, Inc.; Bruce Bugbee, Utah State University
Poster Presentation
  • Spectroradiometer (ASA Tampa October 2013).pdf (645.0 kB)
  • Poster #1115
    Automated Measurement of Crop Water Status Using Canopy Temperature and Biophysical Principles.
    Christopher Parry, USDA-ARS; Mark Mark Blonquist Jr., Apogee Instruments, Inc.; Bruce Bugbee, Utah State University
    Poster #1116
    Sensors for Sustainable Management.
    James S. Schepers, USDA-ARS; Kyle H. Holland, Holland Scientific
    Poster #1117
    Inferring Relative Heat, Water Vapor and Carbon Exchange From Digital Images of Vegetative Canopies.
    Robert M. Aiken, Kansas State University; Patrick Coyne, Kansas State University