362 General Agricultural Experiment Station Management: I (includes graduate student competition)

Oral Session
ASA Section: Land Management & Conservation
This is a general oral session related to agricultural experiment station management.

Agricultural Experiment Station Management Community

Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 8:30 AM-9:50 AM
Tampa Convention Center, Room 19

Community Leader:
Charles E. Wilson Jr.
8:30 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:35 AM
Bahiagrass Impact On Carbon Storage In Coastal Plain Soils Under Peanut-Cotton-Bahiagrass Rotation.
Audrey V. Gamble, Auburn University; Julie A Howe, Texas A&M University; Dexter B. Watts, USDA-ARS; Wes Wood, Auburn University
8:50 AM
9:20 AM
Measuring Impacts Of Neem OIL and Amitraz On Varroa Destructor and Apis Mellifera In Different Agricultural Systems Of South Florida.
Stephany Alvarez-Ventura, Florida International University; Krishnaswamy N. Jayachandran, Florida International University
9:35 AM
Are Long-Term Field Experiments Worth the Cost?.
Gary A. Peterson, Colorado State University; Drew J. Lyon, Washington State University; Charles Fenster, University of Nebraska
9:50 AM