356 By-Product Gypsum: Beneficial Uses in Agriculture: II

Poster Session
ASA Section: Environmental Quality
Gypsum produced as a by-product of coal combustion is a low cost resource that has many beneficial uses in agriculture. The goal of this session is to highlight research that documents these benefits, assesses potential environmental impacts, and identifies new uses for by-product gypsum in agriculture.

By-product Gypsum Uses in Agriculture Community
Adaptive Nutrient Management Community

Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 2:30 PM-4:30 PM
Tampa Convention Center, East Exhibit Hall

Community Leader:
Ray B. Bryant
Ray B. Bryant
Arthur L. Allen
Poster #1116
Poster #1117
Changes in Soil Chemical Elements Associated With Application of FGD-Gypsum and Poultry Litter to a Cecil Soil.
Harry H. Schomberg, USDA-ARS; Dinku Endale, USDA-ARS; Dorcas H. Franklin, UGA; Rufus L. Chaney, USDA-ARS; Dwight Fisher, USDA ARS; Michael B. Jenkins, USDA-ARS
Poster #1119
Using Gypsum to Reduce Tuber Rot and Increase Potato Yields On Sandy Loam Soils.
Mark S. Reiter, Virginia Tech; Steve Rideout, Virginia Tech Eastern Shore Agricultural Research and Extension Center
Poster Presentation
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