Everglades Wetlands Tour

The tour includes stops at Everglades National Park and the Everglades Research & Education Center. Activities start at Shark Valley Visitors Center and include a 2-hour tram tour of a fifteen-mile loop into the "River of Grass", which provides a great opportunity to see wildlife, plants, and soils, and learn about the freshwater Everglades ecosystem. Short hikes are available into the Everglades. The 2nd stop is a 30-minute airboat tour ride at Everglades Safari Park to get an up-close view of wetland marshes and wildlife. The third stop is a field tour showing Histosols at the Everglades Research & Education Center near Belle Glade, FL. Participants will learn about cropping systems on organic soils, and will be able to view farmed organic soils.

Wetland Soils

Saturday, November 2, 2013: 7:15 AM-10:00 PM

Todd Osborne