168 Multi-Values Of Perennial Crops Discussion

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Curious about the value and role of perennial crops? Contemplating a research project to explore perennial crops in your work? Come and join in a discussion that shares U.S. and international research experiences of how perennial roots vs annual affect soil health, crop production, and nutrient availability and offer ecosystem services. This discussion will follow the Perennial Grains poster session to continue the scientific exploration of how perennials can fit into and enhance various agronomic systems-globally. Dr Len Wade from Sturt University in Wagga-Wagga Australia will lead a discussion using the foundation of his work as described in his papers; "Is it feasible to breed useful perennial grain crop?" and "Traits for perennial wheat adaption in Australia" Members of the Perennial Grains Working Group will share their research findings and objectives. Together we will have the opportunity to discuss and network to enhance our perennial crop knowledge and possibilities. Join us for an invigorating discussion and some light refreshments.

Agronomic Production Systems, Environmental Quality, Global Agronomy, Land Management & Conservation, Soil & Water Management & Conservation
Global Climate Change Community, Soil-Plant-Water Relations Community, Animal Agriculture and the Environment Community, Managing Denitrification in Agronomic Systems Community, Nutrients and Environmental Quality Community, Perennial Grain Development Community

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 5:10 PM-6:40 PM
Tampa Convention Center, Room 3

Vicki L. Morrone
5:10 PM
Introductory Remarks
5:20 PM
Brain storming session
5:50 PM
6:20 PM
Component Assessment
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