406 Nitrogen Management and Cycling

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition
Nitogen management and export
Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
Marriott Tampa Waterside, Florida Salon V

Kevin F. Bronson
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:05 AM
Nitrogen Fertility Management For Grain Sorghum In North Carolina.
Ranjit S. Riar, North Carolina State University; P. Randall Weisz, North Carolina State University; Ronnie W. Heiniger, North Carolina State University; Thierry E. Besancon, North Carolina State University; Wesley J. Everman, North Carolina State University
8:20 AM
Acidification Rate From Chemical N Fertilization and Alleviation By Manure in An 18–Year Field Experiment in a Ferralic Cambisol, South China.
Zejiang Cai, USDA-ARS; Minggang Xu, CAAS Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning; Boren WANG, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Huimin ZHANG, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Lu ZHANG, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Suduan Gao, USDA Agricultural Research Service
8:35 AM
Evaluation of Boron Produced As Seed-Core Urea for Urease Inhibition.
Upendra Singh, International Fertilizer Development Ctr.; Job Fugice Jr., IFDC; Wendie Bible, IFDC; Rick Austin, IFDC; Joaquin Sanabria, IFDC
8:50 AM
Longevity of NBPT Effectiveness in Agricultural Soils.
John S. Kruse, Koch Agronomic Services, LLC; Marcus M. Alley, Virginia Tech
9:05 AM
Evaluation of N Volatilization Losses From Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers in Rice Production.
Dustin L. Harrell, Louisiana State University Rice Experiment Station
9:20 AM
Measurement, Simulation and Mitigation of Ammonia Volatilization From Intensive Agriculture.
Deli Chen, University of Melbourne; Helen Suter, The University of Melbourne; Yong Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences; John R. Freney, CSIRO; Owen Denmead, CSIRO
9:35 AM
9:45 AM
Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers for Rice Systems: Meta-Analysis of Effects On Yield and Nitrogen Uptake.
Bruce Linquist, University of California-Davis; Cornelis van Groenigen, Northern Arizona University; Lijun Liu, Yangzhou University
10:00 AM
Novel Approach to Assessing Root Nitrogen Uptake in Rice Using 15 N.
Trenton L. Roberts, University of Arkansas; Richard J. Norman, University of Arkansas; Nathan A. Slaton, University of Arkansas; Anthony M. Fulford, University of Arkansas; Chester Greub, University of Arkansas
10:15 AM
Crop Age and Varietal Impact On Agronomic Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Sugarcane.
Brenda Tubana, Louisiana State University AgCenter; Michael Pontiff, LSU AgCenter; Collins A. Kimbeng, LSU Agricultural Center - Baton Rouge; Howard Viator, LSU AgCenter
10:30 AM
Sugarcane Yield Response to Nitrogen On Mineral Soils in Florida.
James Mabry McCray, University of Florida; Kelly T. Morgan, University of Florida; Les Baucum, University of Florida
10:45 AM
Response of N-Fertilizer Rates and Water Table Irrigation Management On Yield of Chipping Potatoes in Florida.
Libby R Rens, University of Florida; Lincoln Zotarelli, University of Florida; Kelly T Morgan, University of Florida; Ashok K. Alva, USDA-ARS; Diane L. Rowland, University of Florida; Guodong Liu, University of Florida
11:00 AM
Effects Of Nitrogen Application Timing On Cotton Under Different Planting Dates.
Xinhua Yin, University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Christopher Main, Dow-AgroSciences
11:15 AM
Using Duck Potato (Sagittaria latifolia Willd) to Minimize Eutrophication in Florida.
Guodong Liu, University of Florida; Benjamin Hogue, University of Florida
11:30 AM