276 Micronutrients

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition

Nutrient Management & Soil & Plant Analysis

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 8:00 AM-9:35 AM
Marriott Tampa Waterside, Grand Ballroom I

Robert O. Miller and Kevin F. Bronson
Dorivar A. Ruiz Diaz
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:05 AM
Sulfur and Micronutrient Fertilization for Wheat Production in Kansas.
Dorivar A. Ruiz Diaz, Kansas State University; Aaron Widmar, Kansas State University; John Randall Nelson, Kansas State University; James P. Shroyer, Kansas State University
8:20 AM
Greenhouse Evaluation Of Sulfur Availability Of Granular Ammonium Sulfate and Sulfur-Enriched Monoammonium Phosphate.
Sen H Chien, Formerly with IFDC; Maria Mercedes Gearhart, Honeywell International, Inc.; Upendra Singh, International Fertilizer Development Ctr.; Rick Austin, IFDC
8:35 AM
Transformations of Elemental Sulfur and Sulfate in Soil.
Fien Degryse, University of Adelaide; Michael J. McLaughlin, University of Adelaide
8:50 AM
9:05 AM
Seed-Placed Phosphorus and Sulphur Fertilizer Blends for Improved Canola Seedling Emergence, Nutrient Uptake and Grain Yield.
John Heard, Manitoba Agriculture; Laryssa Ann Grenkow, University of Manitoba; Donald N. Flaten, University of Manitoba; Cynthia A. Grant, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Brian L. Beres, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Denis Pageau, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Tarlok Singh Sahota, Thunder Bay Agric. Research Assn.
9:20 AM
Rate and Timing of Sulfur Application for Corn On Medium and Fine Textured Soils.
Daniel E. Kaiser, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Wade Kent, Monsanto Company - USA; Jeffrey A. Vetsch, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Jeffrey A. Coulter, University of Minnesota
9:35 AM