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Conservation Biological Control of Wheat Stem Sawfly: Applying Agroecology to Enhance Integrated Pest Management.

David K. Weaver1, Scott B. Meers2, Brian L. Beres3, Micaela Buteler4, Megan L. Hofland1, Justin B. Runyon5, Dayane A. Reis1 and Perry R. Miller1, (1)Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, (2)Crop Diversification Centre South, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Brooks, AB, Canada, (3)5403-1st Avenue S, PO Box 3000, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge, AB, CANADA, (4)Instituto de Investigaciones en Biodiversidad y Medio Ambiente (INIBIOMA), Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas (CONICET), Bariloche Rio Negro, Argentina, (5)Rocky Mountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Bozeman, MT