248 Novel Approaches on Site-Specific Integrated Pest Management

Oral Session
ASA Section: Agronomic Production Systems
Most pests don’t usually follow a structured pattern of variability and in contrast, insect, weed, and plant pathogens generally are spatially dynamic (changing density and location over time) which present a challenge when dealing with their management. However, the power of precision agriculture technologies and related sciences such as spatial statistics, remote sensing, robotics , geographic information systems, and global positioning systems, among others have made possible the development and implementation of site-specific integrated pest management strategies. Presenters of this oral session will provide information on how precision agriculture technologies and related sciences are currently used for mapping and application of control and management tactics related to IPM, as well as a discussion of the limitations for site-specific IPM implementation.

Approved for 2.0 IPM CEUs.


Precision Agriculture Systems Community

Tuesday, November 17, 2015: 1:00 PM-3:05 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, M100 F

Brenda V. Ortiz
John Shanahan
1:00 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:05 PM
Spatial Pattern Analysis of Heterodera Glycines Population Densities in Experimental Settings to Soybean Variety Evaluations in the United States.
Oscar Perez-Hernandez, South Dakota State University; Loren J Giesler, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1:20 PM
Zone Management Approaches in IPM of Tarnished Plant Bug in Midsouth Cotton.
Tina Gray Teague, Arkansas State University; Keith Morris, Arkansas State University; Amanda Hayes Mann, Arkansas State University
1:50 PM
The View from Above - Unmanned Aerial Systems and Remote Scounting for Insects.
Ian MacRae, University of Minnesota; Robert Koch, University of Minnesota; Tavvs Alves, University of Minnesota; Timothy Baker, University of Mionnesota
2:05 PM
2:20 PM
Image-Based Field Monitoring of Sugar Beet Cercospora Leaf Spot Using Robust Template Matching and Pattern Recognition.
Rong Zhou, Utah State University; Shun'ichi Kaneko, Hokkaido University; Fumio Tanaka, Hokkaido Research Organization; Miyuki Kayamori, Hokkaido Research Organization; Motoshige Shimizu, Hokkaido Research Organization
2:35 PM
Development and Evaluation of a Laser-Guided Air-Assisted Sprayer in Nursery Production.
Robin Rosetta, Oregon State University - Horticulture; Heping Zhu, USDA-ARS; Michael Reding, USDA-ARS; Randall Zondag, Ohio State University Extension; Christopher Ranger, USDA-ARS; Luis Canas, Ohio State University; Amy Fulcher, University of Tennessee; Charles Krause, USDA-ARS; Y. Shen, USDA-ARS; H. Liu, USDA-ARS; Y. Chen, USDA-ARS; Erdal Ozkan, The Ohio State University; Richard Derksen, USDA-ARS; James Locke, USDA-ARS; Stan Ernst, The Ohio State University
2:50 PM
Looking Ahead to Automated Integrated Weed Management: Challenges and Opportunities.
Stephen L. Young, Cornell University; Santosh Pitla, University of Nebraska; Frits K. Van Evert, Wageningen University & Research Centre; John Schueller, University of Florida; Francis J. Pierce, Washington State University
3:05 PM