145 Graduate Student Poster Competition: Turfgrass Cultural Practices, Ecology and Environment

Poster Session
C05 Turfgrass Science
Contributed posters in the broad categories of turfgrass cultural practices, ecology and environment.

C05 Turfgrass Science

Monday, November 16, 2015: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, Exhibit Hall BC

Kelly L. Kopp
Poster #1033
Turfgrass Performance As Influenced By Irrigation Sensors.
Daniel Sandor, University of Arkansas; Douglas E. Karcher, University of Arkansas; Michael D. Richardson, University of Arkansas
Poster #1034
Soil Moisture Dynamics of St. Augustinegrass Under Varying Irrigation.
Charles Henry Fontanier, Oklahoma State University; Benjamin Wherley, Texas A&M University; Jacqueline Aitkenhead-Peterson, Texas A&M University; Richard White, Texas A&M University
Poster #1035
Syringing Kentucky Bluegrass: Frequency Impacts Canopy Temperature and Growth.
Sarah Bartholomew, Brigham Young University; Kerri Russell, Brigham Young University Environmental Science Club; Neil Hansen, Brigham Young University; Bryan G. Hopkins, Brigham Young University
Poster Presentation
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  • Poster #1036
    Soil Moisture Effects on Wear Tolerance of Native Soil Bermudagrass Athletic Fields.
    Kyley H. Dickson, University of Tennessee; John C. Sorochan, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; John C. Stier, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; James T Brosnan, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Jaehoon Lee, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
    Poster #1037
    Influence of Cultivation and Mowing Height on Tall Fescue Conversion to ‘Sharp's Improved Ii' Buffalograss.
    Jacob Reeves, Kansas State University; Jared A Hoyle, Kansas State University; Steven J. Keeley, Kansas State University; Dale J. Bremer, Kansas State University
    Poster #1038
    Effects of Mowing Height on Shade Tolerance of Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass Cultivars.
    Zhaoxin Chen, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Benjamin Wherley, Texas A&M University; Casey Casey Reynolds, Texas A&M University; Russel W. Jessup, Texas A&M University; James Thomas, Texas A&M University
    Poster #1039
    An Alternative Approach to Aerification for a Tifway Bermudagrass Athletic Field.
    Jordan Craft, Mississippi State University; Christian M Baldwin, Scotts Co., The; Barry R. Stewart, Mississippi State University; Maria Tomaso-Peterson, Mississippi State University; James D. McCurdy, Mississippi State University; Eugene K Blythe, Mississippi State University
    Poster #1100
    Accelerating Re-Establishment of Putting Greens Following Winterkill.
    Darrell Michael, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
    Poster #1101
    Evaluation of Fertilizer Products for Turf Quality and Drought Tolerance.
    Marco Schiavon, University of California-Riverside; Jonathan Montgomery, University of California-Riverside; James H. Baird, University of California, Riverside
    Poster #1102
    Evaluation of Creeping Bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) Responses to an Amino Acid Co-Product.
    Isaac Mertz, Iowa State University; Nick E. Christians, Iowa State University
    Poster #1103
    Changes in Creeping Bentgrass Salinity Tolerance after Seed Priming with Polyamines.
    Yingmei Ma, Michigan State University; Emily B Merewitz, Michigan State University
    Poster #1104
    Phosphite in Soil and Ryegrass.
    Baoxin Chang, Texas A&M University; Elizabeth A. Guertal, Auburn University
    Poster #1105
    Site Selection for Application of Compost to Golf Course Fairways Guided By Inherent Soil Properties.
    Nathan E. Stacey, Washington State University; Joan Davenport, Washington State University; Douglas P. Collins, Washington State University; Gwen Stahnke, Walla Walla Community College; Andy Bary, Washington State University
    Poster #1106
    Poster #1107
    How Fungicides Affect Turfgrass Phylloplane Microbes.
    Joseph Doherty, University of Maryland; Megan Botti-Marino, Michigan State University; Dave Ritchie, North Carolina State University; James P. Kerns, North Carolina State University; Joseph Roberts, University of Maryland
    Poster #1108
    Effects of Pre-Planting Disruption of Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis) Lawns on the Establishment of Three Flowering Forbs for Use in Pollinator Conservation Schemes.
    Ian Lane, University of Minnesota; Eric Watkins, University of Minnesota; Marla Spivak, University of Minnesota