238 Symposium--Field Management for Improved Soil Health and Environmental Quality

Oral Session
ASA Section: Environmental Quality
Improving soil health through better-informed management decisions is one means of improving environmental quality. In the UN’s International Year of Soils, it is time to focus on the interconnectedness between land management, soil  health and environmental quality. This special session will focus on aspects of crop and  grazing land management from scales ranging from sub-field to small watershed that will lead to both improved soil health and environmental quality. Of special interest will be on how land managers can capitalize on inherent soil properties to improve the dynamic (or soil health) properties that can be altered through land management.

Approved for 2.0 SW CEUs.


Soil & Water Management & Conservation

Tuesday, November 17, 2015: 12:55 PM-3:15 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, 101 A

Diane E. Stott
12:55 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:00 PM
Managing Phosphorus for Soil Health and Water Quality.
Peter J.A. Kleinman, USDA-ARS; Douglas R Smith, USDA-ARS Grassland Soil & Water Research Lab; Kevin King, USDA-ARS
1:30 PM
Nitrogen Management Effects on Soil Health and Environmental Quality.
Brian J. Wienhold, USDA-ARS; Richard B. Ferguson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2:00 PM
Carbon on the Landscape: Management for Soil Health.
Zamir Libohova, USDA-NRCS; Phillip R. Owens, USDA ARS Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center; Diane E. Stott, USDA-NRCS; Philip J. Schoeneberger, USDA-NRCS; Douglas A. Wysocki, USDA-NRCS; Skye A. Wills, USDA-NRCS
3:00 PM
3:15 PM