116 5 Minute Rapid--Soil Physics and Hydrology Student Competition (Includes Poster Session)

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soil Physics and Hydrology
This is the student competition with 5 minute rapid oral session followed by posters for the Soil Physics and Hydrology Division.

Approved for 2.5 SW CEUs

Monday, November 7, 2016: 1:30 PM-4:15 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Room 132 B

Scott B. Jones and Ziru Liu
Sara E. Vero and Mallika Nocco
1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM
Water Movement in Various Shapes of Tube Under Microgravity.
Yuichi Maruo, Meiji University; Naoto Sato, Meiji University; Risa Nagura, Meiji University; Kosuke Noborio, Meiji University
1:40 PM
Developing Soil Moisture Maps in Skeletal Soils Using a Cosmos Rover.
Candice Medina, Texas A&M University Agronomy Society; Haly L. Neely, Texas A&M University; Georgianne W. Moore, Texas A&M University
1:45 PM
Does Tillage Increase Frozen Soil Infiltration?.
Melanie Stock, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Francisco J. Arriaga, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Peter A. Vadas, USDA-ARS; K.G. Karthikeyan, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Laura W. Good, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1:50 PM
Evaluating the Uncertainty of Long-Term Soil Moisture Datasets.
Julieta Collazo, Texas A&M University; Cristine L.S. Morgan, Texas A&M University; Yohannes Yimam, Texas A&M University; Haly L. Neely, Texas A&M University
1:55 PM
Impact of Cornstalk Buffer Strip on Hillslope Soil Erosion and Its Hydrodynamic Understanding.
Ximeng Xu, Northwest A&F University; Fenli Zheng, Northwest A&F University; chao qin, University of Mississippi; Glenn V. Wilson, USDA-ARS
2:00 PM
Estimating the Hydraulic Properties of Two Soil Profiles Under Pasture and Forest Land Use in Southeastern Amazonia.
Mingming Qin, Rutgers University; Raquel Stucchi Boschi, University of São Paulo; Daniel Gimenez, Rutgers University; Miguel Cooper, University of São Paulo - Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture
2:05 PM
Modeling Non-Equilibrium Overland Flow and Transport Processes Using Hydrus-1D and Hydrus-2D.
Jing Liang, University of California-Riverside; Jirka Simunek, University of California-Riverside; Scott A. Bradford, USDA-ARS
2:10 PM
Impact of Thirty Four Years of Tillage and Cover Crop Management on Soil Physical Properties.
Amin Nouri Gharahassanlou, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Jaehoon Lee, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Xinhua (Frank) Yin, University of Tennessee; Donald D. Tyler, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
2:20 PM
The Feasibility of Measured the Surface Soil Moisture By Digital Images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
Cheng-yuan Yeh, National Yunlin University of Science & Technology; Hong-Ru Lin, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology; Yong-Lin Chen, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology; Shao-Yang Huang, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology; Jet-Chau Wen, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
2:25 PM
2:30 PM
Methods Comparison for the Measurement of Soil Water Characteristic Curve.
Xiaobo Hou, University of Arizona; Karletta Chief, University of Arizona Soil Water & Environmental Science
2:35 PM
Panel Discussion
2:45 PM
3:00 PM
Application of Numerical Simulations for Optimization of Soilless Culture Systems.
Mohammad R Gohardoust, University of Arizona; Jing An, University of Arizona; Asher Bar-Tal, Agricultural Research Organization, The Volcani Center; Hadar Heller, Agricultural Research Organization, The Volcani Center; Michal Amichai, Agricultural Research Organization, The Volcani Center; Ty Paul Ferre, University of Arizona; Markus Tuller, University of Arizona
3:05 PM
Stone Content Influence on Soil Water Retention.
Kshitij Parajuli, Utah State University; Morteza Sadeghi, Utah State University; Scott B. Jones, Utah State University
3:10 PM
The Influence of Soil Surface Temperature and Relative Humidity on 2, 4-D Volatilization.
Pan Wang, Auburn University; Thorsten Knappenberger, Auburn University; Joey N. Shaw, Auburn University
3:15 PM
Non-Contact Measurements of Rill Geometry and Flow Characteristics Based on Photogrammetry.
Chao Qin, Northwest A&F University; Fenli Zheng, Northwest A&F University; Robert R. Wells, USDA-ARS National Sedimentation Laboratory; Ximeng Xu, Northwest A&F University
3:20 PM
Soil Microclimate and Degradation of Biodegradable Plastic Mulches.
Henry Sintim, Washington State University; Marie English, University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Andy Bary, Washington State University; Sean Schaeffer, University of Tennessee; Mustafa Saglam, Washington State University; Markus Flury, Washington State University
3:25 PM
Changes in Soil Thermal Properties Under Corn Stover Removal and Cover Crops.
Michael Sindelar, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Humberto Blanco, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Virginia L. Jin, USDA-ARS; Richard B. Ferguson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
3:30 PM
3:35 PM
The Campbell Soil-Water Retention Function: Predictions Using Visible Near-Infrared Spectroscopy or Soil Fines.
Zampela Pittaki-Chrysodonta, Aarhus University; Per Moldrup, Aalborg University; Cecilie Hermansen, Aarhus University; Maria Knadel, Aarhus University; Mogens H. Greve, Aarhus University; Bo V. Iversen, Aarhus University; Lis W. de Jonge, Aarhus University
3:50 PM
Measuring and Estimating Soil Hydraulic Properties in a Farmer's Field, Western Kentucky.
Xi Zhang, University of Kentucky; Javier Reyes, University of Kentucky; Ole Wendroth, University of Kentucky
4:00 PM
Panel Discussion
4:10 PM
Concluding Remarks
4:15 PM