404 On-Farm Research: II. Advancing Precision Ag Tools

Oral Session
ASA Section: Agronomic Production Systems
On-Farm research is essential for developing and refining new precision agriculture systems.  This session aims to showcase new methodologies or tools being developed or tested in partnership with growers for the next wave of advancements in precision farming.

Approved for 3.5 CM CEUs


Precision Agriculture Systems Community

Agroclimatology and Agronomic Modeling Community
Global Digital Soil Map Community
Model Applications in Field Research Community
Nutrient Management Professionals Community
Extension Education Community

Wednesday, November 9, 2016: 10:15 AM-3:00 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Room 223

John Shanahan and Antonio Asebedo
John Shanahan
10:15 AM
Introductory Remarks
10:20 AM
Long-Term Impact of Precision Agriculture on a Farmer's Field.
Matt A. Yost, USDA-ARS Cropping Systems & Water Quality Research Unit; Newell R Kitchen, USDA-ARS; Kenneth A. Sudduth, USDA-ARS; E. John Sadler, USDA-ARS; Scott Drummond, USDA-ARS
10:25 AM
Precision Soil Health.
Kristen Sloan Veum, USDA-ARS Cropping Systems & Water Quality Research Unit; Kenneth A Sudduth, USDA-ARS Cropping Systems & Water Quality Research Unit; Newell R Kitchen, USDA-ARS
10:30 AM
Question and Answers
10:35 AM
10:50 AM
Evaluating Equipment Performance at the Row and Plant Levels.
Kevin L. Armstrong, Deere & Company; Eric G Coronel, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Sue G. Gray, Deere & Company; Thomas G. Mueller, John Deere Company; Larry L. Hendrickson, John Deere Company; German A. Bollero, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
11:05 AM
On-Farm Implementation of Dynamic Variable Rate Irrigation.
George Vellidis, University of Georgia - Tifton; Vasileios Liakos, University of Georgia; Wesley M Porter, University of Georgia; Michael A Tucker, UGA
11:20 AM
An Update on the "Abundant and Well-Distributed Rainfall" (AWDR) Parameter for the Optimization of N Rates at Sidedressing in Corn.
Nicolas Tremblay, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Edith Fallon, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Rene Lacroix, McGill University; Mohamed Yacine Bouroubi, Effigis GeoSolutions; Rene Audet, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
11:35 AM
SCAN: A New Decision-Support System for Sidedressed N Rate Recommendation in Corn.
Nicolas Tremblay, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Carl Belec, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Mohamed Yacine Bouroubi, Effigis GeoSolutions
11:50 AM
Evaluating Soil Amendment Options to Reconcile South Dakota Degraded Saline / Sodic Soils.
Cheryl L. Reese, South Dakota State University; David E. Clay, South Dakota State University; Sharon A. Clay, South Dakota State University; Rachel Owen, University of Missouri - Columbia; Tulsi Prasad Kharel, South Dakota State University; Girma Birru, South Dakota State University; Douglas D Malo, South Dakota State University
12:05 PM
Lunch Break
1:30 PM
An Instrumented Push Test to Inform Harvesting Decisions in Maize.
Daniel J. Robertson, New York University Abu Dhabi; Shien Yang Lee, New York University; Douglas Cook, New York University
1:45 PM
Assessment of Zone and Hybrid Decisions for Implementing a Multi-Hybrid Planting Platform.
Rachel Stevens, University of Nebraska- Lincoln; Joe D. Luck, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Richard B. Ferguson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Loren Giesler, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Keith L. Glewen, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Nathan D. Mueller, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Laura Thompson, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Santosh Pitla, University of Nebraska
2:00 PM
Improving Yield Data Quality with Data Integrity Zones.
Elizabeth M. Hawkins, Purdue University; Dennis R. Buckmaster, Purdue University
2:15 PM
An Overview of Farmers' Interests Regarding Smart Farming Technologies throughout Europe.
Maria Kernecker, Leibniz Center for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) e.V.; Andrea Knierim, University of Hohenheim
2:30 PM
On Farm Research to Evaluate Sensor Algorithms for Corn N Management in NY.
Aristotelis C. Tagarakis, Cornell University; Quirine M. Ketterings, Cornell University; Karl J. Czymmek, Cornell University
2:45 PM
Using Precision Technologies to Conduct Large Scale on-Farm Research.
Jason Lee, Purdue University; James J. Camberato, Purdue University; Robert L. Nielsen, Purdue University
3:00 PM