149 Global Climate Change General Poster (includes student competition)

Poster Session
ASA Section: Climatology and Modeling
Climate-related impacts on agriculture result from the interaction of climate-related hazards with the vulnerability and exposure of human and natural systems. This session aims to describe climate change associated eventsĀ (e.g. heat waves, drought, extreme precipitation, wind erosion, flood, etc.), and to present adaptive solutions (genetics, cropping practices, cover crops) or tools (models) for implementing long-term mitigation strategies. We strongly encourage papers from experimentalists and modelers showcasing global warming threats and potential adaptation and mitigation strategies. All poster presentations given by students in this session will be eligible for Poster Presentation Award Competition of the community.


Global Climate Change Community

Monday, November 7, 2016: 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Exhibit Hall CDE

Community Leader:
George Paul
George Paul and Laj Ahuja
Poster #149-801
Cropping System and Landscape Diversification to Improve Agricultural Nitrogen Cycling Under Climate Change-Driven Shifts in Precipitation.
Timothy M. Bowles, University of New Hampshire; A. Stuart Grandy, University of New Hampshire
Poster #149-802
Soil Conservation Practices As Climate Change Adaptations in Eastern US Crop Production.
Natalia Salazar, University of Maryland; Robert L. Hill, University of Maryland
Poster Presentation
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