104 Symposium--Optimizing Ecosystem Services of Urban Soils: Our Current State of the Science

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Urban and Anthropogenic Soils
Soils in the built environment are often modified through physical (e.g., compaction), chemical (e.g., addition of various contaminants) and biological disturbances (e.g., removal of topsoil and effects on flora and fauna). These modifications occur so that these soils perform the ecosystem service of an engineering medium. These modifications, in turn, affect other ecosystem services such as water and gas exchange and transport, nutrient and contaminant cycling, biological productivity and suitability as an engineering medium. The goals of this symposium are (1) to better understand the impact of urban soil modification on ecosystem services and (2) to discuss management actions that might optimize various ecosystem services of urban soils. Each of four invited speakers will present background on an urban soil ecosystem service and discuss potential management actions to optimize the soil for that service.

Approved for 1.5 PD CEUs

Monday, November 7, 2016: 1:30 PM-3:20 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Room 126C

Gurpal S Toor , Bryant Scharenbroch and Susan D. Day
Bryant Scharenbroch
1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM
Sowing Seeds in the City: Ecosystem Services and Urban Agriculture.
Sally Brown, University of Washington; Kristen McIvor, Pierce Conservation District; Elizabeth Hodges, University of Alaska
2:50 PM
Optimizing the Hydrologic Properties of Urban Soils.
Mary G Lusk, University of Florida/IFAS Extension; Gurpal S Toor, University of Florida
3:15 PM
Concluding Remarks
3:20 PM