236 Symposium--Soils and Microbial Communities in Newly Formed and Heavily Disturbed Wetland Environments

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Wetland Soils
This session will focus on how wetland soils and their microbial communities develop and function in new environments (such as created wetlands, treatment wetlands, mitigation sites, areas receiving sedimentation) and areas undergoing restoration (reclaimed mines, restored forested wetlands, marshlands undergoing hydrologic re-connection). There is broad interest on how these soils develop and change in response to disturbance and management. We will include an emphasis on microbial communities during this session-we will explore how microbial communities develop in these systems, how these initial and changing microbial communities affect overall soil function and system performance and health, and what techniques can be used to optimize microbial communities and increase the likelihood of successful interventions.

Approved for 1.5 SW CEUs


SSSA Division: Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Tuesday, November 8, 2016: 9:55 AM-11:30 AM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Room 125 B

Brian A. Needelman , Thomas F. Ducey and Jacob Berkowitz
9:55 AM
Introductory Remarks
10:00 AM
Comparison of Soil Physical, Chemical, and Microbial Activity Properties in Wetlands Created Using Traditional and Novel Ecological Engineering Approaches.
Jacob Berkowitz, US Army Corps of Engineers; John R. White, Louisiana State University; Christine VanZomeren, US Army Corps of Engineers; Lindsey Green, Audubon Society
10:25 AM
Coastal Wetland Microbial Community Response to Restoration.
Susannah G. Tringe, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Susanna Theroux, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project; Wyatt Hartman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
10:50 AM
Mid-Atlantic Wetland Conservation Effects Assessment Project – a Simultaneous Physicochemical and Biological Assessment of Wetland Functions.
Thomas F. Ducey, USDA-ARS; Megan Lang, USDA-ARS; Gregory W. McCarty, USDA-ARS; Jarrod Miller, USDA-ARS; Ariel A. Szogi, USDA-ARS; Patrick G. Hunt, USDA-ARS
11:15 AM
11:30 AM