70 Fertilizer and Water Management Effects on the Soil Environment Oral (includes student competition)

Oral Session
SSSA Division: Soils and Environmental Quality
Agricultural nutrients and water management have significant influences on soil nutrient dynamics and greenhouse gas emissions. Over the years, we have tried to better understand the soil environment to reduce nutrient losses and to protect soil fertility, organic matter and soil microbial community compositions. Nutrient management practices, like 4R nutrient stewardship, inclusion of cover crop and organic and inorganic amendments, have close connections with water management practices, like subsurface tile drainage and irrigation. In this session, we are inviting field and laboratory studies to explore how nutrient and water management control nutrient and water dynamics in the plant-soil-environment continuum.

Approved for 2.5 NM CEUs


SSSA Division: Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
SSSA Division: Soil and Water Management and Conservation

Monday, November 7, 2016: 9:30 AM-2:30 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Room 131 A

Amitava Chatterjee and Matthew Polizzotto
Amitava Chatterjee
9:30 AM
Introductory Remarks
9:35 AM
Different Pathways of Phosphorus Cycling in the Upstream and Downstream of a Creek in an Agricultural-Runoff Dominated Watershed.
Sunendra R. Joshi, University of Delaware; Kristi Bear, University of Delaware; Deb P. Jaisi, University of Delaware
9:50 AM
Phosphorus Runoff from Surface-Applied Fertilizer in Soil Trays and Comparison with Release in Batch and Soil Diffusion Assays.
Rodrigo Coqui da Silva, University of Adelaide; Fien Degryse, The University of Adelaide; Roslyn Baird, The University of Adelaide; Michael McLaughlin, The University of Adelaide
10:05 AM
10:20 AM
10:35 AM
From Direct Application of Urban Organic Wastes to Nutrient Recycling - a Soil Science Perspective.
Holger Kirchmann, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Yariv Cohen, SLU; Gunnar Börjesson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Thomas Kätterer, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
10:50 AM
Cover Crop and Fertilizer Management Impacts on Water Quality.
David Abel, Kansas State University; Nathan O. Nelson, Kansas State University; Kraig L. Roozeboom, Kansas State University; Peter J. Tomlinson, Kansas State University; Gerard J. Kluitenberg, Kansas State University
11:05 AM
Irrigated Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Yield and Nitrogen Losses As Influenced By Fertilizer Management and Cultivars.
Upasana Ghosh, North Dakota State University; Amitava Chatterjee, North Dakota State University; Harlene Hatterman-valenti, North Dakota State University
11:35 AM
Lunch Break
1:45 PM
Quantifying Nitric Oxide Emissions Under Rice-Wheat Cropping System.
Wendie Bible, IFDC; Upendra Singh, International Fertilizer Development Ctr.; Yam Gaihre, IFDC; Joaquin Sanabria, IFDC (International Fertilizer Development Center; Rick Austin, IFDC
2:00 PM
Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Cropland Irrigated with Untreated Sewage Effluent in the Mezquital Valley, Mexico.
Christina Siebe, Instituto de Geologia; Blanca González-Méndez, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
2:15 PM
Time and Rate of Urea Application for Corn Influence Soil Enzyme Activity.
Benjamin Davies, University of Minnesota; Paulo H. Pagliari, University of Minnesota; Jeffrey A. Coulter, University of Minnesota
2:30 PM