428 Think Tank on the Future of Agricultural and Environmental Research: Addressing the Need to Do More with Less

Oral Session
ACS238 Graduate Student Committee
"Talk Show" Panel Discussion will include:
            David Baltensperger, Chair, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, Texas A&M University
            Wayne Honeycutt, President and CEO, Soil Health Institute
            Sally Rockey, Executive Director, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research
            Emilio Oyarzabal, Global Breeding Sourcing Lead, Monsanto Company

The research being conducted by our graduate students is at the core of scientific advancement within our Societies. Thus, we present a session, sponsored and run by the graduate students, to address to all members of the Societies the future of research. As has been stated numerous times before, the research funding culture is in a new paradigm that has not necessarily been faced before. As such, researchers must adapt to the changing times and address the concerns of a growing population with increased concern and scrutiny. This session is designed to serve as a platform for addressing the new reality in research and research funding, bringing together currently established and future professionals, both in the private and public nexus, from the fields of agronomy, crops and soils.  A panel of established experts with an in-depth understanding of the funding arena and future of ACS research will discuss the “sleeping giant” topics of  research including the perceived disconnect between relevant research and available funding, as well as the perpetual “battle” of basic vs. applied fields. The session will be live-tweeted, moderating burning questions from the in-person audience and abroad to our panel of experts. In addition, a student-developed and written article on the key takeaways from the session will be featured in CSA News.

Approved for 2.0 PD CEUs

Wednesday, November 9, 2016: 12:00 PM-1:30 PM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Room 224 AB

Community Leader:
Rachel K. Owen Kerns
W. Brandon Smith , Elizabeth C Gillispie and Heidi Meyer
W. Brandon Smith
12:00 PM
W. Brandon Smith: Introduction of Panel
12:05 PM
Karl Anderson, ACSESS Director of Government Relations: Setting the Stage for the Future of Research
12:20 PM
"Talk Show" Panel Discussion.
1:00 PM
Questions from the Floor
1:30 PM