380 Communicating Your Science for Graduate Students: Messaging for a Greater Impact

Oral Session
ACS238 Graduate Student Committee
Interested in learning how to write about your research for new audiences, communicating its importance to various stakeholders, and finding more ways to make your research matter? In this interactive workshop, we will discuss effective science communication skills and provide you with the tools to write and speak about your own research to a variety of audiences, including the general public and decision-makers. Through presentations and collaborative exercises, the workshop will cover ideas for getting scientific information and research findings to broader audiences and distilling your research into the most important components (“Message Box” activity). Participants should come prepared with an abstract for a research project (either from the tri-societies conference or another meeting) to adapt for a writing activity. Participants will also practice communicating their messages in small groups. Breakfast will be included with this session.
Wednesday, November 9, 2016: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Phoenix Convention Center North, Room 229 A

Michelle Scarpace and Andrea Diane Basche
8:30 AM
Breakfast and Registration
9:30 AM