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Interpreting Apsim and DSSAT Maize Model Responses to Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, Water, and Nitrogen Under Degraded Soil Conditions.

Kenneth J. Boote, Agric. and Biol. Engr. Dept., 120 Rogers Hall, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, John Dimes, CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia, John Hargreaves, CSIRO, Toowoomba, Australia, Peter J Thorburn, St. Lucia, CSIRO, Brisbane, QLD, AUSTRALIA, Cheryl Porter, Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, James W. Jones, Ag. and Bio. Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, Dilys Sefakor MacCarthy, Soil and Irrigation Research Centre, School of Agriculture, College of Basic an, University of Ghana, Legon, ACCRA, GHANA, Wiltrud Durand, Agricultural Research Council-Small Grain Institute, Potchefstroom, SOUTH AFRICA, Davide Cammarano, Invergowrie, James Hutton Institute, Dundee, Scotland, Patricia Masikati, World Agroforestry Center, Lusaka, ZAMBIA, Sridhar Gummadi, Patancheru P.O., ICRISAT, Dist. Medak AP, INDIA, Dakshina Murthy, ICRISAT, Patancheru, India, Sonali McDermid, New York, NASA, New York, NY and alex ruane, NASA, New York, NY