Managing Global Resources for a Secure Future

2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

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SSSA Cross-Divisional Symposium

Recording files available
Oral Session CrossDiv--Symposium--Innovative Soil Health Research
Organizer: Kristen Sloan Veum
Moderator: Kristen Sloan Veum
Recording files available
Oral Session CrossDiv--Symposium--Global Impacts of Environmental Contamination II
Organizers: Hui Li , Owen W. Duckworth , Michael L. Thompson , Dongmei Zhou and Dongqiang Zhu
Moderators: Michael L. Thompson , Jianming Xu and Yijun Wang
Recording files available
Oral Session CrossDiv--Symposium--Agroforestry for Sustainable Resource Management and Food Security
Organizers: Gregory G. Ormsby Mori , Ranjith P. Udawatta , Michele M. Schoeneberger , Shibu Jose and Ramachandran P.K. Nair