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2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

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Division: ASA Section: Climatology and Modeling

Title: Symposium--Advances in Measuring and Modeling Crop Water Requirements

Community Leaders: Saseendran Anapalli and Ole Wendroth
Organizers: Saseendran Anapalli and Ole Wendroth
Moderators: Saseendran Anapalli and Ole Wendroth
Lead Community Sponsor: Model Applications in Field Research Community
Community Cosponsor:
Format: Oral Symposium
Keywords: Eddy covariance, Energy balance, Lysimeter and Water management

Session Description:   Accurately quantifying crop water requirements (ET) is critical for scheduling irrigations for optimizing water productivity in agriculture. Lysimeters, eddy covariance (EC), and energy balance (EB) are modern methods for estimating ET. The EC method has been widely known to have unresolved energy balance closure related issues. In this symposium, we will discuss experiences, across the globe, on the direction the ET research using modern technologies is advancing today. Presentations will include experiences with lysimeters, eddy covariance, energy balance, climatological, water balance, and other micrometeorological methods and agricultural system modeling in water management research.