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2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

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Division: SSSA Division: Soils and Environmental Quality

Title: Global Impacts of Environmental Contamination Poster (includes student competition)

Organizers: Hui Li , Owen W. Duckworth , Dong-Mei Zhou , Michael L. Thompson and Dongqiang Zhu
Moderators: Michael L. Thompson , Wei Zhang , Jennifer M. DeBruyn and Yujun Wang
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Cosponsor: SSSA Division: Soil Chemistry
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Format: Poster Topical Session
Keywords: antibiotic resistance, contamination, pharmaceuticals and soil health

Session Description: This is a joint symposium organized with the Committee ofSoils and Environmental Quality, Chinese Soil ScienceSociety. The symposium focuses on linkages betweenenvironmental contamination and soil health. The release ofcontaminants, including heavy metals, persistent organiccontaminants, pesticides, nanoparticles, chemicals ofemerging concern, antibiotic resistance genes, agriculturalbyproducts, and soil amendments, to the environment is asource of water and soil contamination, and serves as apathway for chronic exposure to the surrounding biota. Manyof these contaminants have been implicated or are suspectedto degrade soil health and agricultural product quality.