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2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

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Division: C09 Biomedical, Health-Beneficial and Nutritionally Enhanced Plants

Title: Symposium--the Bridge from Biofortification to Bioavailability

Organizers: Raymond P. Glahn and Mary Guttieri
Moderator: Mary Guttieri
Lead Community Sponsor:
Cosponsor: C01 Crop Breeding and Genetics, C04 Seed Physiology, Production and Technology
Community Cosponsor:
Format: Oral Symposium
Keywords: Bioavailability, Biofortification, Breeding and Nutritional quality

Session Description: Increasing concentrations of nutrients in crops has been the primary focus of biofortification efforts to improve the nutritional value of food crops, and significant progress in content has indeed been achieved in many crops. This symposium will address another essential component to biofortification, improving nutrient bioavailability.  This symposium will review some of the barriers to bioavailability and approaches to eliminating them.  It will represent a trans-disciplinary exploration of past successes, future opportunities , and will review technologies for evaluating bioavailability in crop improvement programs.