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Division: SSSA Division: Urban and Anthropogenic Soils

Title: Symposium--Pb in Urban Soils

Organizers: Maxine J. Levin and Gregory Evanylo
Moderator: Gregory Evanylo
Lead Community Sponsor:
Cosponsor: SSSA Division: Soil Chemistry
Community Cosponsor:
Format: Oral Symposium
Keywords: Pb concentration and bioavailability, Urban environments, mitigation and risk management

Session Description: Soil lead (Pb) contamination is a widespread public environmental and health concern in urban lands, where the main sources of Pb are combustion of leaded gasoline and deterioration of exterior paints. Elevated soil Pb is especially concerning where urban soils are used for gardening. The purpose of this symposium is to provide the state of the science on soil Pb chemistry & bioavailability, testing & interpretation, remediation, health risk, and civic communication.