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2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

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Division: SSSA Division: Soil Physics and Hydrology

Title: Applications of Soil Moisture Monitoring in Agriculture, Hydrology, and Ecology

Organizers: Emmanuel Rotimi Ojo and Andres Patrignani
Moderators: Emmanuel Timi Ojo and Andres Patrignani
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Format: Oral Topical Session
Keywords: drought, flood and spatio-temporal scale

Session Description: Soil moisture is at the nexus of most environmentally-related activities. The partitioning of precipitation into infiltration, ground water percolation, runoff and evapotranspiration as well as the partitioning of incoming solar radiation into ground, sensible and latent heat fluxes are influenced by soil moisture. Spatio-temporal analysis of soil moisture as well as upscaling/downscaling methods have increased the range of soil moisture data applications. This session will discuss the multi-dimensional applications of soil moisture in diverse areas such as hydrological, meteorological, ecological and agricultural sciences.