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2017 Annual Meeting | Oct. 22-25 | Tampa, FL

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Division: Committee Meetings (Society and Other)

Title: Improving Synergistic Activities between the Agro-Ecosystem and Botanic/Public Garden Communities

Organizers: Sara Uttech and Ellen Bergfeld
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Format: Society Committee Meetings None (Admin Only)
Keywords: garden

Session Description: A unique collaboration between the botanic/public garden world and the agro-ecosystem research community (crop, soil and environmental scientists) will improve the social dialogue surrounding the safeguarding and sustainability of American agricultural production. Botanic/public gardens, as mostly urban institutions, are often under-utilized collaborators of the extensive agro-ecosystem research network in the United States. Nevertheless, they conduct valuable research on food system impact and are repositories for seeds and germplasm related to crops and their wild relatives. Botanic/public gardens also have a deep connection to their communities, unlike the research community, and readily use programming, exhibits and other outreach opportunities to engage the public in ago-ecosystem issues. As food sustainability has environmental, economic, and social implications, working collaboratively with botanic/public gardens will introduce a much-needed social inclusion element into agriculture and food system research. Gardens, in turn, will benefit from gaining valuable agricultural expertise from the agro-ecology research community on joint research and collection projects.