13th International Turfgrass Research Conference (ITRC)

July 16 - 21, 2017
New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Call for Papers

Click "Oral" or "Poster" next to the Discipline Area to begin a submission:

Please Note: Only Short Communications submissions are currently being accepted. Details can be found on the first step of the submission process.

Conservation/Environmental Quality: Oral Poster
Diseases (Plant Pathology): Oral Poster
Ecosystem Services – Biodiversity: Oral Poster
Establishment and Maintenance: Oral Poster
Genetics and Breeding: Oral Poster
Information Technology/Education: Oral Poster
Keynote Symposium:
Pests (Insects/Nematodes): Oral Poster
Physiology and Stress Physiology: Oral Poster
Soil Biology, Chemistry and Plant Nutrition: Oral Poster
Soil Physics and Rootzone Construction: Oral Poster
Weed Science: Oral Poster
Zoysiagrass Symposium:

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