80 Symposium--Sustainable Intensification and the Feed the Future Initiative: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

Oral Session
ASA Section: Global Agronomy The Feed the Future Initiative includes targeted investments in developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to sustainably intensify and diversify agricultural production as part of a comprehensive approach to reduce hunger and poverty. Research and development programs will link global, regional and national partners, through both research and non-research approaches, to advance the sustainable intensification of agricultural systems. Key researchable areas that need to be integrated within the target systems include agronomy, soil fertility, water resource management, pest management, market access and policies. This symposium will present research and impacts from sustainable intensification efforts in several major agro-ecosystems in Africa and South Asia. The discussion will focus on how to integrate experiences and lessons from the field into the Feed the Future Initiative, recognizing that the determinants of poverty and undernutrition are complex and will influence not only whether and how new production practices and technologies are adopted, but also the sustainability of adopting new approaches, practices, and technologies.


Global Agronomy
Monday, October 17, 2011: 8:30 AM-12:30 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 006D

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Saharah Moon Chapotin
8:30 AM
Robert Bertram, US AID (US Agency for Intl Dev.)
9:10 AM
Sustainable Intensification In South Asia Cereal Systems.
Andrew McDonald, CIMMYT; Mangi Jat, CIMMYT; Patrick Wall, CIMMYT; Raj Gupta, CIMMYT
9:40 AM
Sustainable Intensification of Rain-Fed Cereals In a Changing World.
Sieglinde Snapp, Michigan State University; Mary Ollenburger, Michigan State University; Wezi Mhango, Univ. Malawi Bunda College; Emily May, Michigan State University; Klaus Droppelmann, CGIAR
10:10 AM
10:40 AM
12:30 PM