130 Arid and Semi-Arid Soil Pedogenesis: Unraveling the Linkages Among Soil Genesis, Soil Mineralogy, and Quaternary Landscape Evolution: In Honor of B. L. Allen: I

Oral Session
S05 Pedology This session will discuss the relationships among soil formation and profile morphology, soil mineralogy, and Quaternary climatic variability as reflected in soil morphology in arid and semi-arid systems. Relationships between native vegetation and soils in these environments will also be of interest.
Monday, October 17, 2011: 8:00 AM-4:05 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Room 206A

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Wayne Hudnall and Susan Casby-Horton
Susan Casby-Horton , Wayne Hudnall and C. Tom Hallmark
9:30 AM
Silicate Clay and Argillic Horizon Formation and Destruction In Soils of the Desert Project, New Mexico.
H. Curtis Monger, New Mexico State University; Robert Grossman, USDA-NRCS (retired); John W. Hawley, HAWLEY GEOMATTERS
9:45 AM
Contrasting Soils and Processes of Shrub Island – Interspace Landscapes In Southeastern California.
Robert C. Graham, University of California; Nicole Pietrasiak, University of California
10:00 AM
10:50 AM
Mapping the Llano Estacado.
John E. Stout, USDA-Agricultural Research Service
11:05 AM
Pleistocene Lake Lomax: A Mystery On the Texas High Plains.
Carolyn Olson, Climate Change Program Office of the Chief Economist; Susan Casby-Horton, Texas Tech University; Miguel Cano-Garcia, Unknown
11:20 AM
Regional Perspectives of Quaternary Soils and Sediments On the Kansas High Plains.
Michel D. Ransom, Kansas State University; Carolyn Olson, Climate Change Program Office of the Chief Economist; Donna A. Porter, US EPA Region 7; Susan H. Fraser, None
11:50 AM
1:25 PM
Transformations of Soil Materials Under Semi-Arid Conditions In Valley Floors In S.W Australia.
Georgina E. Holbeche, University of Western Australia; Robert J. Gilkes, University of Western Australia
2:10 PM
Gypsum-Rich Horizons In Saline Playa-Lakes of Monegros, Spain.
Carmen Castañeda, EEAD-CSIC; Florias Mees, Royal Museum for Central Africa; Juan Herrero-Isern, EEAD-CSIC
2:25 PM
Sepiolite and Palygorskite Occurrence In Arid and Semi-Arid Environments and Their Use In Nanotechnology.
April Ulery, New Mexico State University; Brenda Buck, University of Nevada - Las Vegas; Deborah Soukup, University of Nevada - Las Vegas; Colin Robins, University of Nevada - Las Vegas; Amy Brock-Hon, University of Tenn, Chattanooga
2:40 PM
2:55 PM
Morphology and Taxonomy of Gypseous Soils In San Luis Potosí State, Mexico.
Juan Felipe Martinez-Montoya, Colegio de Postgraduados; Juan Herrero-Isern, EEAD-CSIC; Víctor Manuel Ruiz-Vera, Colegio de Postgraduados
3:10 PM
The Cartography of Gypseous Soils In San Luis Potosi State, Mexico.
Víctor Manuel Ruiz-Vera, Colegio de Postgraduados; Juan Felipe Martinez-Montoya, Colegio de Postgraduados; Juan Herrero-Isern, EEAD-CSIC
3:25 PM
Saline Soil Formation within a Lacustrine Environment In Mid-Anatolia of Turkey.
Hikmet Gunal, Gaziosmanpasa University; Mesut BUDAK, Hakkari University; Nurullah ACIR, Gaziosmanpasa University; Murat BIROL, Gaziosmanpasa University
3:40 PM
Carbonate Pedofeatures In Arid and Semiarid Soils of Southern Russia: Stable Isotopic Composition, Morphology and 14C-Age.
Irina Kovda, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences; Evgeny Morgun, Moscow State University; Sergey Oleynik, Princeton University
3:55 PM
4:05 PM
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