203 General Education & Extension: II

Poster Session
ASA Section: Education & Extension General Education & Extension
Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Henry Gonzalez Convention Center, Hall C

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Drew J. Lyon
Poster #626
Ag Futures Field Days and Internships.
Brian Marsh, University of California Cooperative Extension
Poster #627
Does a Focused, Hands-On “Treatment” Have a Long-Term Effect On Elementary Teacher Candidates' Conceptual Understanding of and Attitudes towards Soil?.
Douglas Hayhoe, Tyndale University College; Jane MacIntyre, Tyndale University College; Shawn Bullock, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Poster #628
Want to Get Your Hands Dirty? Using Active Learning to Promote Sustainable Agriculture.
Maud Walsh, Louisiana State University; Edward Twidwell, LSU AgCenter; Mariah Lowrey, Louisiana State University
Poster #629
Delivering Continuing Education At the Ohio Conservation Tillage Conference.
Harold Watters, Ohio State University Extension; William Clevenger, Ohio State University Extension; Steven Prochaska, The Ohio State University
Poster #630
The Virginia No-Tillage Alliance: Promoting the Successful Implementation of No-till Practices.
Wade Thomason, Virginia Tech; Marcus Alley, Virginia Tech; Rory Maguire, Virginia Tech; Robert Clark, Virginia Tech; Matthew Yancey, Virginia Tech; Timothy Woodward, Virginia Tech
Poster #631
Oklahoma Master Gardener Perceptions of Water Conservation Strategies.
Courtney Sidwell, Oklahoma State University; Justin Moss, Oklahoma State University; Dennis Martin, Oklahoma State University; Kathleen Kelsey, Oklahoma State University; Mike Schnelle, Oklahoma State University; David Hillock, Oklahoma State University
Poster #632
Poster #633
Nutrient Deficiency Diagnostic Training with Field and Hydroponically Grown Crops.
John Heard, Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Initiatives; Vikram Bisht, Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Initiatives; Alvin Iverson, University of Manitoba
Poster #634
Survey of Spreader Calibration and Application Practices of Indiana Lawn Care Operators.
Aaron Patton, Purdue University; Daniel Weisenberger, Purdue University
Poster #635
Comparison Between Online and Hardcopy Responses From a Grower Survey On Urea Volatilization.
Clain Jones, Montana State University; Terry Rick, Montana State University; Richard Engel, Montana State University; Perry Miller, Montana State University; Kathrin Olson-Rutz, Montana State University; Amber Moore, University of Idaho; Shannon Arnold, Montana State University
Poster #636
Estimating Yield Potential by Planting Date Utilizing Observed Data From the Rice and Soybean Research Verification Programs.
William J. Ross, University of Arkansas; Terry W. Griffin, University of Arkansas; Charles Wilson, University of Arkansas; Christopher Grimes, University of Arkansas; Steve Kelley, University of Arkansas; Stewart Runsick, University of Arkansas; Ralph Mazzanti, University of Arkansas; Robert Stark, University of Arkansas at Monticello; Kenton Watkins, University of Arkansas
Poster #637
Agricultural Water Conservation Clearinghouse: An Online Tool for Water Resource Professionals, Managers and Academia.
Julie Kallenberger, Colorado State University; Faith Sternlieb, Colorado State University; Reagan Waskom, Colorado State University; Troy Bauder, Colorado State University; James Bauder, Montana State University; Erik Wardle, Colorado State University
Poster #638
Soil Information Systems Laboratory Manual.
Elena Mikhailova, Clemson University; Christopher Post, Clemson University
Poster #639
Ten Year Summary of the Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program.
Kevin Lawson, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Extension; Jason Kelley, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Extension
Poster #640
Student Perceptions of a Poster Project In An Agronomy Course.
Kenneth Smiciklas, Illinois State Univ; Aaron Moore, Illinois State Univ
Poster #641
Predicting Alfalfa Stand Nutritive Value by An Indirect Method In Southern U.S.A., and North of Mexico.
Jesús Santillano-Cázares, Instituto de Ciencias Agricolas, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California; Martin Carmona-Victoria, Instituto de Ciencias Agricolas, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California; John Idowu, New Mexico State University; Francisco Contreras-Govea, New Mexico State University; Kenneth Albrecht, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Poster #642
Predicting Students' Performance In a Plant and Soil Sciences Course Based On Their Involvement In Extracurricular Activities.
Sarah Lancaster, Oklahoma State University; J. Shane Robinson, Oklahoma State University
Poster #643
Learning Soil Science Lessons by Studying the Collapse of Easter Island.
Elena Mikhailova, Clemson University; Ryerson Pamplin, Clemson University; Christopher Post, Clemson University
Poster #644
Poster #645
Master of Science In Plant Breeding: A New Distance Program In the Iowa State University Agronomy Department.
Thomas Schultz, Iowa State University; Dawn Miller, Iowa State University; Allan Ciha, Iowa State University