Southwest Ohio Soils Tour

Tours This tour begins with an overview of the Cincinnati Urban update, recently completed by the Frankfort, KY Soil Survey Office. There will be a stop to see an example of an urban mapunit and discussion on how the data can be used for current issues such as storm water planning and development. We will then head east of Cincinnati to see soils developed in limestone and shale residuum, viewing slip prone areas along the way. Hamilton County was named in a USGS publication as having the highest annual per-capita cost due to landslide damage in the nation. We will see a few examples of mitigation from landslides, including one of the most expensive retaining walls in the US as we head out of town. We will discuss how the soils, geology, and urban pressure of the area have combined forces to be a perpetual hazard to the area. The tour will end with a stop in the limestone and shale residuum area in Brown County. Here we will have soil pits and time for discussion of the area and the trip as a whole.


Sunday, October 21, 2012: 7:30 AM-5:15 PM

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Steve Baker , Matthew Deaton and Bob Eigel