99 Graduate Student Poster Competition

Poster Session
C02 Crop Physiology and Metabolism This is the poster session for the joint C-2 and C-4 graduate student competition on topics pertinent to crop physiology and metabolism and to seed physiology. Please note that students must compete in only one category, oral or poster.


C02 Crop Physiology and Metabolism, C04 Seed Physiology, Production & Technology
Monday, October 22, 2012: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Exhibit Hall AB, Level 1

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Maria Balota
Poster #506
Autumn Acclimation and Carbon Metabolism in Miscanthus.
Katherine Withers, University of Guelph; Bill Deen, University of Guelph
Poster #507
High Night Temperature Effects During Flowering in Cotton.
Dimitra Loka, University of Arkansas; Derrick Oosterhuis, University of Arkansas; Fábio Echer, University of Arkansas; Mathilda Pretorius, University of Arkansas
Poster #508
Poster #509
Seasonal Accumulation and Partitioning of Carbon- and Nitrogen-Containing Compounds in Perennial Bioenergy Crops.
Jennifer Burks, Purdue University; Sylvie Brouder, Purdue University; Jeffrey Volenec, Purdue University
Poster Presentation
  • 2012 ASA Final Poster_Burks.pdf (823.6 kB)
  • Poster #510
    Effects of High Night Temperatures On Cotton During Squaring and Flowering.
    Fábio Echer, University of Arkansas; Derrick Oosterhuis, University of Arkansas; Dimitra Loka, University of Arkansas; Ciro A. Rosolem, Unesp
    Poster #511
    Perennial Ryegrass Seed Production in Minnesota: The Effect of Seeding Rate, Row Spacing, and Nitrogen On Yield, Agronomic Characteristics, and Stem Rust.
    Eric Koeritz, University of Minnesota; Nancy Ehlke, University of Minnesota, Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics; Eric Watkins, University of Minnesota
    Poster #512
    Source and Sink Manipulation Influencing the Seed Weight Distribution and Yield Components of Castor.
    Liv Severino, Texas Tech University; Dick Auld, Texas Tech University & Texas AgriLife Reserch
    Poster #513
    Cattle Manure Promotes Pod-Setting in Soybean.
    Tsukasa Kasahara, Tohoku University; Makie Kokubun, Tohoku University
    Poster #514
    Nitrogen Deficiency Alters Cotton Reproductive Performance and Fiber Quality.
    Suresh Lokhande, Mississippi State University; K. Raja Reddy, Mississippi State University
    Poster Presentation
  • Poster ASA-2012-Ohio_cotton N and Fiber.pdf (338.6 kB)
  • Poster #515
    The Production and Function of Mucilage by Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) Seeds.
    Emily Zhou, Virginia Tech; Monica Ponder, Virginia Tech; Jacob Barney, Virginia Tech; Gregory Welbaum, Virginia Tech
    Poster Presentation
  • CSSA Poster Basil Mucilage DZ.pdf (1.5 MB)
  • Poster #516
    Field Performance of Soybean Cultivars Varying for Water Use Efficiency.
    Bridget Visser, University of Guelph; Hugh Earl, University of Guelph
    Poster #517
    Success Factors in Obtaining Meaningful Leaf Photosynthetic Measurement in Field-Grown Maize.
    Yanbing Xia, Purdue University; Tony Vyn, Purdue University
    Poster #518
    Utility of Basal Root Whorl Number for Phosphorus Acquisition in Common Bean.
    Harini Rangarajan, Pennsylvania State University; Jonathan Lynch, Penn State
    Poster #519
    Utility of Root Cortical Cell Size and Number Cells Per File in Maize Under Water Limited Conditions.
    Joseph Chimungu, Penn State University; Jonathan Lynch, Penn State University
    Poster #520
    Monitoring in-Season Growth of Cotton Cultivars Under Multiple Irrigation Regimes Using Remote Sensing.
    Bablu Sharma, Texas Tech University; Glen Ritchie, Texas Tech University; Stephan Maas, Texas Tech University; Eric Hequet, Texas Tech University
    Poster #521
    Physiological Changes to Cotton Under Heat Stress During Reproductive Development.
    Toby FitzSimons, University of Arkansas; Derrick Oosterhuis, University of Arkansas
    Poster Presentation
  • ASA Poster 2012.pdf (4.8 MB)
  • Poster #522
    Comparison of FTIR and NADH-Dependent Oxygen Uptake Analyses As Metabolomic Evaluation Methods.
    Piyaporn Phansak, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Matthew Pedersen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Casey J. Wegner, University of Connecticut; Vicki Schlegel, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Roch Gaussoin, University of Nebraska - Lincoln