404 Soil Responses to and Ecosystem Services Provided by Forest, Range and Wildland Soil Management: II

Oral Session
S07 Forest, Range & Wildland Soils Forests, ranges, and even wildlands are commonly managed (including no action, a viable management choice) to provide a host of ecosystem services, such as abundant and clean water, diverse fauna and flora, carbon sequestration, and commercial food, fiber, and biomass. This session will feature presentations on the influence of management actions on how soil functions to provide these benefits as well as how soil reacts to management actions.
Wednesday, October 24, 2012: 1:25 PM-4:30 PM
Duke Energy Convention Center, Room 206, Level 2

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Andy Scott
Lawrence Morris
1:30 PM
Growth of Hardwood Trees On Brown and Gray Mine Spoils in West Virginia.
Lindsay Wilson-Kokes, West Virginia University; Jeffrey Skousen, West Virginia University
1:45 PM
Sawdust Biochar Trial for Trees Growing in Mine Soils.
Christopher W. Fields-Johnson, Virginia Tech
2:00 PM
Biochar Application to Abandoned Mine Tailings: Managing Soils for Succession, Plant Growth, and Water Quality.
Charlene Kelly, USGS Denver; Mark Stanton, USGS Denver; Colleen Rostad, USGS Denver; David Rutherford, USGS Denver
2:15 PM
Restoration of Compacted Urban Soil for Tree Growth with Mulches and Fertilizers.
Bryant C. Scharenbroch, The Morton Arboretum; Gary Watson, The Morton Arboretum
2:30 PM
Effects of Long-Term Cattle Grazing and Woody Plant Encroachment On Soil Microbial Communities At the Santa Rita Experimental Range, Arizona.
Cody J. Burton, Louisiana State University; Steven Archer, University of Arizona; Rebecca McCulley, University of Kentucky
2:45 PM
3:00 PM
Switchgrass Growth in Southern Loblolly Pine Forests Alters Soil Organic C and N Fractions Under Bedded Rows of Pine Trees.
Kevan J. Minick, Virginia Tech; Brian Strahm, Virginia Tech; Thomas Fox, Virginia Tech; Eric Sucre, Weyerhaeuser NR Company; Zakiya Leggett, Weyerhaeuser NR Company
3:30 PM
Explaining the Apparent Resiliency of Loblolly Pine Plantation to Organic Matter Removal.
Jeff Hatten, Oregon State University; Eric Sucre, Weyerhaeuser NR Company; Zakiya Leggett, Weyerhaeuser NR Company; Jason Mack, Mississippi State University; Jose Zerpa, Virginia Tech; Scott Roberts, Mississippi State University; Brian Strahm, Virginia Tech
3:45 PM
Sustainability of Short Rotation Forest Crops for Bioenergy At Three Contrasting Soil-Site Conditions.
Edwin Esquivel, Universidad de Concepción; Rafael A. Rubilar, Universidad de Concepción; Eduardo Acuña, Universidad de Concepción; Jorge Cancino, Universidad de Concepción; Fernando Muñoz, Universidad de Concepción; Miguel Espinosa, Universidad de Concepción
4:00 PM
Forests As Sources of Aviation Fuels: Analysis of Impact On Nutrient Budgets.
Robert Harrison, University of Washington; Austin Himes, University of Washington; Kim Littke, University of Washington; Thomas Terry, Weyerhaeuser Corporation (retired) and USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station; Paul Footen, University of Washington; Constance Harrington, Pacific Northwest National Lab.
4:15 PM
4:30 PM